Well Worth $40

As soon as I heard that my daughter booked a session with a medium, I wanted to go with her, but I wanted permission from the medium first, and I wanted permission to record for EVP. Both requests were granted and after a quick and simple booking, we did not speak to the medium again until the day of the reading. You’ll have to trust me when I say that there’s very little information she could have found about our family, that no attempt was made to pre-interview my daughter, and I am positive that information was not telegraphed before or during the reading.

The session uneventfully began with the tarot cards and to be completely honest, it was boring and typical in every way. During this phase of the reading, I was able to record several EVP – nothing remarkable or especially revealing, but good solid spirit voices. After about 15 minutes, the medium began to speak to the other side, and things became more interesting.

She appeared to have made contact with a rather forward woman – someone who was most definitely taking charge, and who had surrounded herself with quite a few other spirits. Those in the crowd claimed to be relatives and were quite willing to allow this dominant spirit to grab center stage and hold it formidably. Fortunately for us, she was quite the chatter-box, and it didn’t take long for us to recognize her as my ex-mother-in-law – my daughter’s deceased grandmother, Hillary (name changed).

Instantly, once contact was made, a parade of stories and comments began to emerge – each one, more accurate than the one before. Based on the sheer number of facts this spirit unexplainably knew, coupled with obscure family references, it was clear that Hillary and the medium were authentic. Hillary even made personal references my daughter wasn’t aware of. But I was, and even though I sat in silence, I was amazed. She spoke of no fewer than 5 names – people there with her; each name correctly representing a deceased family member. She knew nicknames too. She vehemently expressed great pleasure in having watched her family continue to grow by revealing little known details about individuals – living and deceased. Hillary spoke of things no medium could ever have surmised. All in all, no suspicion was aroused – nothing akin to trickery was even remotely evident.

It appears that Hillary had just come back from a trip to Scotland with her husband, and she delighted in telling us the details and how much they both enjoyed it. Apparently she has taken up dancing again, done some painting, and spent a lot of time with other relations. She was aware of the goings on in my daughter’s life, and mentioned most of her sisters by name; grandchildren as well, including those who were not born while she was alive.

There isn’t anything about this conversation with the dead that I could find fault with. Believe me, I was looking, and it would have pleased me to have been able to find some kind of blunder. I was certain that if she was a fraud, I could spot it. I’ve seen this done before, and haven’t been fooled yet, but regardless of my unkind need to “catch her” at something, she knew too many details. Since the cost was only $40 for an hour, it doesn’t seem especially cost-effective to research my daughter, unless she was going to attempt to entice her back for several additional visits. She didn’t.

What I’m getting at here is that I actually believe this medium was somehow speaking to the other side, and specifically, to my family. But interestingly enough, not a single EVP was recorded during this trip through the veil. Not even something questionable. Not even a hint. And when it was over; when the medium had broken her connection, EVP began to flow again. I realize this isn‘t conclusive evidence of a single thing, and certainly, a one time experience like this doesn’t allow for any kind of hypothesis about the relationship between readings and interactive EVP. But it does tell me one thing – that this was an honest medium.

I’ve couched no comment about my feelings surrounding mediums – I’m not a fan. That is primarily because there are so many whose skills are obviously the invention of either the need to make easy money, or a desire for some kind of strange power. It’s difficult to put into words because I don’t want to insult the misguided, yet obviously bogus mediums that populate the paranormal field. But it’s good to be wrong sometimes. It’s exciting to know that there are seers out there who choose to put their gifts to good use, and who embrace a pledge of honesty we would all hope to be the norm.

I think it’s interesting that I received no EVP during the substantive portion of the reading. I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson there, but I’m resistant toward drawing a conclusion based on a single event. Perhaps the spirits surrounding us were impressed as well. Perhaps they joined our medium to speak to us more directly. Perhaps, my lack of EVP at that critical moment was nothing more than a coincidence. I can believe that, but I am completely convinced the accuracy we experienced during the reading was not a coincidence. And frankly, it was well worth the $40.