Just Drink the Kool-Aid

Frequently I am struck by the insistence of paranormal investigators to stand immovably firm on certain so-called singular truths. Many of us seem to need a black and white world, where concepts emerge without question, and old wives’ tales linger. And one must be very careful when criticizing these paranormal certainties.

One of those chiseled in stone ideas is the notion that EVP and EMF go hand in hand – you can’t have an EVP without some kind of spike in the electro-magnetic force. End of discussion; don’t be a heretic. But I’m not convinced. This particular pseudo-scientific “question mark” has been a pet peeve of mine, even though it has long ago achieved sacred cow status.

I’m reticent about this because I have actually done some experiments and my results indicate there is no reason to make this assumption. EMF and EVP don’t seem to have much relation to one another. The recorder I used was built into a video camera which was aimed at the meter’s dial. I won’t go into any more details, but I almost never received a consistent spike one way or the other at the same time an EVP was captured. As part of my experiments, I also asked the spirit present to force the reading to change noticeably without speaking, and in a much larger percent of the time, the gauges rose at my request.

My conclusion? EMF need not be manipulated for EVP to be recorded. While spirits seem to be able to alter the electro-magnetic force, it appears they do not have to. Still, it’s difficult to draw conclusions either way, but it certainly convinces me that this is one sacred cow which is just as likely to be incorrect as it is to be correct.

I have similar feelings about the temperature dropping due to spirits zapping the energy in the air. I can’t deny it, but absorbing energy from the air, while probably possible, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why not do it all the time if it’s such an easy way to manifest? Why do we assume the spirit world isn’t just fine the way it is? I thought spirits were energy… And don’t even get me started on battery drain. I’ve had plenty of batteries drain while “on the job” but I’ve also had plenty of batteries drain everywhere else. My kitchen clock, various remote controls, and my daughter’s RC truck all have frequent battles with batteries. Seems like a battery issue – not a spiritual one.

The insistence of paranormal people that these notions be considered undisputable truths based on such thin evidence, confounds me. And yet, I still schlep out my EMF meter on investigations, even though I believe it’s a waste of time, and a serious distraction. My research indicates that the spirit world interacts when it wants to – usually without fanfare, warning, or measurable criteria.  But there is no more proof for my conjecture than there is for the opposite. Let’s face it – when all we have are unsubstantiated and immeasurable anecdotal evidence, we don’t have evidence at all. Watching an EMF meter spike can never be equivocated with spirits. Just because your batteries went too quickly, doesn’t mean some specter is trying to manifest. Has anyone ever seen something manifest right after the Double A batteries in your camera fail? And it’s not that I’m denying these things are possible, but they all assume that spirits need more than what is natural for them, and that they take it from us. I don’t get it!

Spirit presence has always been elusive, and I don’t believe there is a fool-proof method for detection as of now – other than human observation and attention to the environment surrounding us. Spirits communicate with us when they want to, regardless of anything we do, and they show up without a calling card. But this is blasphemy to many. In some eyes, by denying that spirit manipulation of the EM force is necessary, I am a fool. And that taints my evidence, pollutes my conclusions, and removes me from the ranks of serious paranormal researchers. Well, it is what it is, isn’t it? Maybe I should just give in and drink the Kool-Aid – who’s it gonna hurt?

I don’t deny there will be breakthroughs along the way – significant new directions to take – in pursuit of the elusive spirit world. Some will prove fruitful – most will not. Personally, I think we need to let go of those that do not. I think it’s time to worry less about defending the EMF or temperature rules, and become more concerned with quantum mechanics, Resonance Theory, or even good old-fashioned psychology. Of course, that’s just me, so I doubt any of that will change, especially when there are so many really cool paranormal devices for sale which center around those questionable concepts.