What Should We Expect?

Just exactly what should we expect from “the paranormal?” It’s fairly obvious that some of us expect to be thrilled or even frightened, and the larger questions of afterlife and spirituality go basically unnoticed. Others are looking for proof of something. Maybe validation for a belief in God or perhaps even an affirmation that a connection with deceased loved ones should be a reasonable hope. Still others have no idea what to expect from “the paranormal,” and I guess this is where I fall on the spectrum.

It’s always been my thought that the truly important items in one’s spiritual life are unprovable anyway, and that faith is the only productive path when dealing with thIs kind of unknown. But not just faith in God – faith in humanity as well, and in the strong, predictable continuance of life in the universe. I suppose there are better ways to say this, but very early in my “paranormal” studies, I stopped expecting specific experiences, and began looking for emotions. I figured that any hope of recognizable two-way communicatIon with spirit would require some kind of worthiness on my part. I thought the best way to do that was to be willing to understand and do my best to relate. If associating with me was to be of any value to “them,” it would have to come from what we have in common, not in how we differ – in our common humanity Instead; our emotions. I felt that I needed to find honest ways to go precisely there.

I don’t mention this to suggest that I’ve figured anything out, or that I might be a little smarter than everyone else. I haven’t, and I’m not. I’ve had 60+ years to realize that I’m fairly average in most areas, and my life decisions have been evenly divided between good and horrible. I’m not special, gifted, erudite, or unique, and since I have very few paranormal expectations, there are times when none of it makes any sense at all and defies even my wildest imagination.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a spirit walked up to me in the grocery store and asked where to find the olive oil. It wouldn’t shock me to see one made of smoke form in the shape of my grandmother. Out of five very good pieces of video evidence I’ve captured, each one appears totally different. Based on that, I’d expect the next five to follow suit. Lord knows my experiences with EVP are even more diverse. They express everything from totally boring and uninspiring comments to wild eccentricity and downright craziness.

But sometimes, what we see and hear doesn’t quite fit the acceptable paranormal paradigm. So I wonder, who made up these rules that define paranormal phenomena? Who decided something unexplained can only be unexplained if it fits certain understood criteria? Who knows so much about the unknown that they can categorize, codify and label it. And the biggest question of all, why do we pay any attention to these “paranormal masterminds?”

So exactly what should we expect from “the paranormal?” How about anything and everything. How about “who knows?” We’ve had nothing but momentary glimpses into this unseen world; tiny little grains of knowledge which spawn only a suggestion of anything out of the ordinary – of an existence that would also logically have to surpass our own at every level. We have barely begun to scratch the surface – we’re still thinking about it, so are we really smug enough to presume we know anything for certain?

Well, it’s definitely not my place to tell you what to do or how to think. What you feel is your own business. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t like broccoli you shouldn’t have to eat it, and if all your spirits come in neat little boxes, by all means, stack ’em high. You’ll forgive me if I do not. I may not have very many expectations of “the paranormal,” but I’m terrified of missing it when it happens. So, don’t tell me what to look for. Just let me tell you what I found.
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