Cleaning House

I’ve been a bad boy lately. I haven’t done any independent EVP research in a while, and I’m honestly feeling some guilt about it. I’ve recorded during investigations, of course, but that’s an actual law, isn’t it? Or a commandment? “Thou must do EVP sessions whilst thou investigates.” Well, whatever. I haven’t tackled a single private project or followed up on one interesting idea in much too long.

You see, the problem is that the people around me don’t really understand the necessity of an EVP researcher actually doing EVP research. It’s not as important as cleaning the basement, or dragging someone to the mall for a fuzzy slippers shop-a-thon. The kid’s basketball games take precedence; as does washing dishes, making dinner, getting groceries, and babysitting – lots and lots of babysitting. These truly matter, so my urgency to search for spirit voices isn’t taken into consideration at all. My people appear to be “over it.” They all have important day to day things to accomplish – surely I can help out. Unfortunately, they’re not entirely wrong.

So, I’ve been giving in without a fight. After all, I’m the retired guy; I’m the one with time on his hands; I’m the one who gets to wander around in the dark with other strange people – “that’s enough to satisfy my EVP jones,” right? And it’s almost too late to reclaim my independence, so I forced the issue yesterday and sat down for a conversation with a spirit named Ralph. I suppose he grew tired of waiting for me to get back to him because he didn’t respond, but someone else did – a guy named Kirby. Not a very ghostly name, is it? Doesn’t strike terror in the hearts of the innocent, make your blood run cold, or cause the hairs on the back of your neck to go crazy. “Kirby. That’s my name.” That’s what he said.

I was excited. It was like I’d never stopped. “The hiatus is over,” I almost said out loud. “I’ve still got some juice!” I don’t know who Kirby is, but he conversed, so it seems that a new project to discover anything I can about him is in order. Well, it may not be the most exciting project I’ve ever done – doesn’t come close to EMF/EVP comparisons, or bilocation testing, or frequency of response during thunderstorms, but it’s a start. My foot’s back in the door, baby! Look out other world, the kid is back!

What it’s really all about for me though, is the honest, unfettered communication between souls. Truly, if you search every inch where I recorded Mr. Kirby, you won’t find anyone or anything, but he’s there. He didn’t enter the room on a slight breeze or evoke the flickering of lights; there was no deviation in the temperature, or thickening of the air. I knew nothing of this soul’s presence, yet he must have extraordinarily occupied the same space as I in some misunderstood way. He functions as a cogent entity – has individual thoughts, indicates the ability to understand, and comprehends my emotions. After so many years, I still find it amazing.

Out of nothing came the voice of something; of someone, who in the most unnoticeable way possible, disclosed his humanity. I couldn’t help thinking how this all seems so much more important than cleaning house, chauffeuring children, or being a “go to” guy. Recording EVP voices is a relatively new thing in the course of human history, and arguably, there are comparatively few of us who actually do it. What an honor to have heard spirits speak. What an inspiration to know they are there beside me; to not be buried in uncertainty or choked with doubt. I guess sometimes you have to clean a little house to find the most interesting stuff.
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4 responses to “Cleaning House

  1. You’re a wonderful, wonderful writer, Randall! You say, “What an honor to have heard spirits speak…”. Really, I had never read or heard anyone put it like this before. It is indeed an honour to be able to connect with those in another form of existence, to have a communication with them. Because I’m so used to their presence in my life for long that I’ve taken them fairly casually so far but you’re right; it is indeed an honour. Makes me relook at my perspective. Thank you for your blog.

  2. Randall, do you post the EVP recording themselves somewhere? I’ve poked a round a bit but not run into as many as I’d expect. I’m wondering why you don’t post a link to a sound file with something like this. (Not that you have to. I’m hust curious why you don’t.)

    • Thanks Renae. Actually, I do. I produce a podcast (The Voices Podcast) about EVP every two weeks – always have samples. If you’re interested, you can search iTunes for Randall Keller or find it on my website Also on the site is a samples page with over 50 EVP available. Of course, there are the books on Amazon. I’ve actually hot a lot of EVP out there. This past episode includes the EVP from Kirby too.

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