“Ah, science…”

“Ah, science…” And I say that with veneration and respect. You may not believe that because I’ve been a little rough on scientists in the past, but as the saying goes, “you always hurt the one you love.” And I love scientists! How could I not. Look at everything they’ve given us – the list is daunting, and we’ve benefitted monumentally and immeasurably. So, I really do think of them fondly; almost reverently – they’re a kind of priesthood, in my opinion, in the church of life.

But what times we live in. Reminds me of the times Galileo must have endured; or Capernicus; or Newton, who was forced to hide most of his thoughts. And poor Charles Darwin – we’re still trashing his contributions. Historically, society has sporadically whipped itself into a religious fervor and attempted to discredit and silence the absolute truths of science. Our current religious intensity is in denial of climate change, evolution, the Big Bang, and who knows what other incredibly obvious truths, but scientists push on in spite of us. Thank God. Arguably, the scientific community has done more for the preservation and continuance of the human race than any religious movement ever could.

I recently saw one of these guys on television discussing his latest theory surrounding alternate universes. He was spell-binding, and it all made so much sense, but he is just one of half-a-dozen others researching the subject – each with their own exciting ideas. The consensus suggests that the problem will be solved by the year 2025 or sooner. Imagine that! In most of our lifetimes, the science fiction of an infinite number of alternate universes (and alternate realities) will become a fact. That will open and expand the paranormal field as well, and there doesn’t seem to be any credible doubt within the scientific community that the day will come.

Maybe it shouldn’t. Won’t there be mass hysteria? Won’t heads explode? Just imagine the propaganda that will be leveled against these discoveries and maybe even against the scientists responsible. Maybe our current religious insanity will find a way to imprison them for blasphemy, as with Galileo. Or legislatively crucify them as with Darwin. Look at the accusations heaped upon climate scientists today. My God, what will they do when alternate realities are proven to be… well, reality? It will be no holds barred, I fear. Not only will heads roll figuratively, they may roll literally. I think we all know what these people are capable of – we’ve seen them before, and frankly, scientists are too important for this nonsense.

I myself, am unapologetically very religious. My faith is hopefully unwavering, and I plan on dying a believer, but then, my faith doesn’t ask me to ignore reality and verity. These scientists won’t be throwing my faith under the cosmic bus, they’ll be helping me to define it more clearly and increasing its significance through knowledge. That’s a great service, I think.

But I do fear for them. I fear that those knuckle-dragging, intellectually slack jawed, fear mongering disbelievers of fact will continue to increase in number and influence. I fear for scientists, but I bet that won’t stop them. Such courage and divine inspiration always rises to the top. “Ah, science.” Where would we be without it? In caves, I suspect – cold, very very hungry, and infinitely ignorant.
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