A Non-Existent Event

This past week I conducted an experiment I’ve been longing to do for at least five years – I video taped myself sleeping. I bet that sounds incredibly boring to everyone except me, but indulge me while I set it up for you. It seems that some of my most successful EVP sessions occur while I am asleep. I just turn off the lights, press record, close my eyes, and psyche myself up for four plus hours of next-day listening to heavy breathing. But I’m never alone for these sessions – there is often a menagerie of unexplained voices. So basically, I added an IR camera to the mix, and even though the usual suspects seem to have developed a slight streak of camera shyness, the results were interesting.

But why was I compelled to attempt to capture video corroboration of my EVP? Because of the noises. In addition to these unexplained voices, I usually record a lot of non-exigent noises as well. I don’t believe noise can qualify as EVP, but something or someone is making a lot of it while I sleep. There are often the sounds of drawers opening, of objects sliding across dresser tops, containers opening and closing, and a fascinating assortment of taps, knocks, and thuds. I wanted to see what’s behind all the ruckus! Can you blame me?

The current episode of The Voices Podcast reveals results from this session, as well as a self-analysis of fear, but there was something else worthy of discussion – a 37-minute gap that occurred as my digital recorder was apparently being manipulated. In all my years of paranormal research, this is a first, and therefore for me, an exciting moment worthy of note – especially since the video shows that I never left the bed.

With this kind of research, the possibility of a perfectly natural explanation looms very large on the paranormal event horizon. It just makes sense to look at our known world for understandable rationale before declaring solutions that emanate from one whose existence we can’t even verify. But when all the debunking is fruitless, and the scientific possibilities offer no answers; when common sense comes up empty, and every fiber of your intellect is stumped, what is left but to enter a reasonable plea for the paranormal?

A “gap” of any length represents something that truly does not exist, and still, I’ve spent some days now attempting to resolve as much about it as I can. Even though all avenues led to dead ends (I’ll spare you the details), something deep inside suggests I’ll never find a real-world explanation for this non-existent event – that this “missing” incident may indeed be some kind of inexplicable anomaly; something potentially paranormal.

Unfortunately, too often we demand that a paranormal explanation must include factual evidence of such, thereby loosing sight of the very nature of something paranormal. There must be a tape that reveals the action, or audio that definitively ties the voice to it, but sometimes even evidence lets us down. When all reasonability fails, that paranormal explanation becomes every bit as potentially accurate as any piece of unknown science or any vain and failed exercise in logic. Sometimes, it makes just as much sense to consider something unthinkable. Maybe something that doesn’t even exist at all can occasionally show us the way.
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2 responses to “A Non-Existent Event

  1. I enjoyed reading this very much! I keep my house a spiritual sanctuary with barriers, but would be more than willing to attempt same in a hotel room. I’ve never been able to sleep in hotels because of visitors.
    I always appreciate those willing to be the guinea pig in their own experiments.
    Your willingness to say, “be content with the unexplainable” is true. There are experiments I’d like to conduct in the future because they are currently unexplainable. When someone asks, “How do you do that?” I often can’t verbalize the process. It just happens. Most intuitives can learn by watching, but probably couldn’t explain the processes either.

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