During the past month of August, I spent much of my spare time complaining that I had no spare time. I know there’s no place for this in a paranormal blog, but let’s just see how demanding and expeditious the month really was. For starters, I spent a glorious week in the Caribbean, although it seems like months ago. That took care of 23 percent of the month in one fell swoop. There was a weekend in New York visiting my son’s new restaurant. There were 2 investigations, which by themselves only took a few hours, but time spent listening to audio and watching video can not be ignored.

My daughter started high school during the month, so there was a fair amount of frantic shopping for supplies and clothes; shoes – lots of shoes. I cut the lawn 4 times in August, which renders me useless until the following morning. There were eight fully-loaded day trips to my mother’s for doctor visits, pharmacy runs, trips to the grocery, cleaning her house, and sampling the lunch fare at Great Generation favorites like IHOP and Bob Evans. I answered 372 phone calls, initiated 42 of my own, handled over 1,000 texts, processed approximately 2,500 emails, recorded two podcasts, wrote 4 blog entries, initiated 56 tweets, and held 11 personal EVP sessions. I’ve been to four movies, 13 different restaurants, 2 school functions, and one Orioles’ game.

I’m sure I’m missing something. Oh yes, the birth of my sixth grandchild, three other family birthdays, my own anniversary, and the 13th anniversary of my father’s passing. I spent two days in bed with a killer cold (I thought it was leprosy), another due to a fall, and I won’t even begin to attempt computing the countless hours “on demand” catching up with TV favorites like Hell on Wheels and Season 2 of Homeland. Whew! When did I sleep?

My new catch phrase, the tag line to my life, is “If I weren’t retired, I’d truly be fired.” Well obviously I couldn’t have held a job with a personal schedule like this. I mean, money is great and all that, but there’s real life going on out there, and I am being forced to participate! Good thing my job is EVP and stuff, or I’d probably be struggling with unemployment and griping about how unfair my ex-boss was. “Cretan!” Praise the Lord and pass the Social Security check – that’s my motto. Good thing I have paranormal investigation to fall back on.

Of course, the truth is, I can sputter and fuss until lead turns to gold; certainly until someone decides to put me in a nursing home, but it’s actually been a pretty great August. A little warm sometimes; maybe a tad humid now and then, and I’m frequently exhausted, but how many people’s lives have been as full? This August was a bone fide E-ticket ride for me, and I’m ready to slow down a bit now. Why should I have all the fun, right? I’m willing to share.

I suppose it’s my nature to complain. I wish it weren’t – I think it’s an unfortunate part of my inheritance, but when the world stops spinning too quickly around me; when it gets late and quiet; when it’s just you and me and maybe a glass of Zinfandel, I gotta say – I’m a very lucky guy. I might deny such blasphemy in the morning, but I know it’s true. And this morning, I thought I smelled a little Fall in the air – my favorite time of year. I think I’ll take a nap. Things are gonna start to get busy.
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