It’s a Calling

We all have things that keep us busy. Sometimes I cringe when the phone rings or groan when my message alert goes off. “I have too much to do for this nonsense!” But I absolutely adore “the call” for an upcoming investigation. I don’t know why exactly, because paranormal investigations are a lot of work. For me, that usually means an excess of 6 hours of video to watch, 3 hours of audio, assorted digital photos, Spirit Box recordings, and time lapse images. Reviewing all of these is definitely a task, and it eats away at my time-starved days, not to mention the incredible boredom built into the process.

So, then why do I love it? It’s not because my life is empty; I don’t need friends – I have children. I don’t lack intellectual stimulation, or crave new ways to occupy all the spare time I don’t have. There is precious little enjoyment watching hour after hour of static video, so the anticipation of seeing a ghost must keep me going, right? Nah. Been there, done that. So why do I drop everything and run off into the dark with a handful of equally insane people, lugging suitcases and camera bags, bottles of warm water, and enough cigarettes to kill me on the spot? Is boring the new fun?

This is a calling – that’s why. Just one of those things in life that I feel destined to do. Rain, shine, or ten feet of snow – I’ll be there if it’s at all humanly possible, and I won’t regret a single minute. It’s a calling. And not everyone who has tried paranormal investigation has been called. So, in case you were wondering whether you’re made of the right stuff, here are ten questions to ask yourself.

1. Are you concerned about missing the newest episode of Degrassi (or any TV show)?
2. Do you buy AAA batteries at the Dollar Store?
3. Do you see demons around every corner? (If so, go to church, and never come near a paranormal team.)
4. Can you differentiate between being “touched” and walking into a spider web?
5. You do realize spirits are the only ones allowed to whisper, right?
6. Do you still think EVP stands for electric voice people?
7. Did it take you six months to figure out that the ghost in your kitchen is the ice-maker?
8. Do you understand that the black shadow who follows you everywhere and who mimics your every move is actually you? (Hint: Don’t stand in front of light sources.)
9. Do you know what the words “personal hygiene” mean?
10. Are you one of those who thinks investigations require more of a party atmosphere – whenever possible?

Some of you may have additional questions, but these work for me. However, for those of us who feel this endeavor is actually a calling, there’s one permanent, universal necessity – behave like you’ve got some sense. That’s a little vague, I suppose, but if you think you’re prepared to handle paranormal investigation, common sense is the first prerequisite. I’ve met very few investigators I didn’t like, but I’ve met some who shouldn’t be there. Either way, if you’re called, you already know, regardless of where you buy those batteries.
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7 responses to “It’s a Calling

  1. One day the realization hits you that you’ve spent several years engaged in these activities,..these boring chores of the paranormal. You know it’s a calling when you know that to not continue the research would make your life…boring. 🙂

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