Anybody’s Guess

We all have opinions. We have religious opinions, opinions about politics, about how to raise children, what constitutes the best diet, how much to drink, the coolest car… You name it, we tend to have an opinion about it. And one would hope these are educated opinions – substantiated by facts of some kind. Meryl Streep is the “best actress” because of all her awards, her box office success, and tons of critical acclaim. But other facts might suggest Cate Blanchette is the best, or Helen Mirren, or any number of others. When we’re smart, we filter our opinions through as many facts as we can, and temper the results with only a slight dose of personal feelings.

But things paranormal don’t flirt with things factual, so whatever we say about them is guesswork. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a believer as there is. I’m completely convinced about almost all of it – I just don’t have facts or figures to quote in defense of my beliefs. In almost all cases, I’m guessing. I hear EVP easily enough, and I know how to determine whether what I’m hearing is explainable or not, but that’s the extent of it. The who, what, when, where, why and how of it all is anybody’s guess. So, when I tell you I’ve recorded the voice of Miss Lucy, there’s actually no way to know for sure. I’m just speculating, and you should know that. An unsupported opinion is a guess.

If you see an apparition, I certainly won’t doubt you, but conclusions drawn beyond the sighting itself aren’t facts. You may be logical, perfectly apply human nature, and adhere to every expert criteria there is, but any further deductions will never be anything more than guesses. In fact, if we’re honest with ourselves, the only actual facts we have are that the phenomena we record do truly exist. That’s all, and I know we think that’s adequate; that we can take our evidence to the whole world and proclaim our discovered realities far and wide, but it isn’t enough.

I completely understand why hardcore skeptics aren’t impressed. I wish they’d find a way to be more respectful; more open-minded, and I do wish they’d shut the hell up sometimes, but I get it. I really do. Still, the fact remains, almost every statement we make surrounding anything paranormal is a guess. It doesn’t even qualify as opinion.

This doesn’t bother me. That’s probably because I’ve always known that regardless of how smart I became, most things about life would exceed my intellect. Not that I’m stupid by human standards, but there’s just too much we don’t understand; too few facts to validate so many opinions. A Bob Dylan song says, “there’s something happening here, and you don’t know what it is…” No, I don’t, actually. I suspect you don’t either.

In “the paranormal” we guess, but how exciting to be at this place in history! To possibly be among those who just might guess well enough to discover something universally true… Imagine that! Of course, the problem with history is you never really know how it’s gonna turn out, and it kinda goes on forever. But history suggests that one day we’ll have answers. Maybe not for everything we question; maybe not answers we like, but answers enough to remove some of this guesswork, and season our thoughts with facts. I wanna be around for that. I’m guessing I won’t be.
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