One Year Old Today!

Today The Voices Blog is one year old! Hats and horns are appropriate and all well-wishing is accepted. I sincerely hope everyone will be able to participate in the day’s festivities, beginning with a quick brunch on the third floor of Trans-Allegheny. There is free time until dinner, which will be highlighted by what I expect to be a rousing speech from President Theodore Roosevelt. Make certain you have your recorders ready.

Of course, the reality is that this will be a quiet celebration. I plan to get my hair trimmed, do some late morning EVP, have a Steak-Ums lunch, and begin work on the layout for a book Nick Missos and I plan to release soon. Sound like a fun day? And to think some of you actually have jobs. By the way, the book features original poetry with photos taken “undercover” at what shall remain an unnamed abandoned mental institution. Shameless plug, but I’m excited about it!

Sometimes I make stupid Top Ten lists when I’m annoyed or angry, and when it wears off, I throw the list away. I found one the other day that didn’t make it to the circular file, so it naturally qualifies as the perfect piece of mental self-gratification to share with the entire world. Here it is (unedited) – “Things That Should Be True About TV Paranormal Shows.”

– 1. Female ghosts should never wear white. Just sayin…
– 2. Every time an investigator says “we’re not here to harm you,” something should knock him down.
– 3. There should be no fist bumping at the end of Ghost Hunters episodes.
– 4. Paranormal teams should not pose for group photos that make them look like a stupid death metal band.
– 5. There should be an Ovulus equipped with the entire dictionary – 26 words is not enough.
– 6. It should only be a misdemeanor to investigate Eastern State or The Stanley on TV.
– 7. Bobo from Finding Bigfoot should have to put money in the jar every time he says “squatchy.”
– 8. Haunted Collector clients should embrace the haunting and refuse to fork over the priceless family heirlooms.
– 9. TV investigators should stop yelling at ghosts as though they were hard of hearing.
– 10. Why are paranormal shows considered reality television? Just askin…

When I started The Voices Blog, I didn’t think I could find enough interesting things to say, and actually I still don’t, but it’s been an enjoyable year just the same. Even added a “sister” blog – Voices Unplugged, so It must be true that time flies when you’re having fun. I know – bit of a cliche there. I’d like to use less of those, get more comments, improve my grammar, and find the perfect length per post. Well, there’s time to grow, I suppose.

I’ll just say “thank you” for your support. And for your interest. I love the fact that someone reads this stuff. Peace!


12 responses to “One Year Old Today!

  1. Hi Randall, I bought your book but have yet to find time to read it.
    Are you certain that you are hearing deceased voices on your evps? Could it be you imagine hearing sounds from people when in fact it is just your mind making sense of otherwise unintelligable sounds? I have not heard your evps so no idea how clear they are.

    Also, no doubt your book will explain things, but are you able to ask the deceased questions and have them answer in meaningful ways?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for buying the book, Brian. I do believe these are the voices of the deceased, but honestly, there’s no poof of that. You should listen to a couple of my podcasts – start out with one of the “13 Voices” episodes, and I think you’ll hear some clear EVP. You can judge better that way, I think. Sometimes they will answer directly, but not always. Keep in mind, they’re creatures like us with free will – they don’t hafta answer. It’s my job to make them want to. Like I said, try out a podcast or two. Or go to my website and listen to some of the 60 EVP samples I have posted there. I think you’ll be able to decide easily whether they’re actually speaking or not. And stay in touch!!!

    Randall, just listened to a few EVPs- I am amazed as they sound so clear. My first instinct is to say that you simply had some person talk or whisper in the background while you recorded so that this is simply a hoax. However, if this were true, I would wonder what you get out of making such hoaxes? I do not imagine you are becoming extremely wealthy from the sale of your books as this is a niche market.
    How do you respond to skeptics who would probably just brush this all off a prank that you are pulling on others?

    I will listen to all your evp downloads, including your podcasts, as this is really interesting, it not a hoax lol.


    • Frankly, I’d go right to pissed off mode. I’d use several of the usual expletives and hope you wanted to throw down, cause that would be ok with me. But I understand that you’re not actually accusing me of anything, so it’s dealable. You’re right about this being a niche market, so no… Selling books don’t buy no bacon. There are so many ways to tell if someone has faked an EVP. The waveform usually proves that and composite sound clips are clearly obvious. You just endure the charges, and ignore people who impugn your integrity. My EVP are clearer than many people’s – it’s luck, but clarity is only one aspect to consider since any unexplained voice has the potential to be the voice of a non-visible force of some kind, and that’s a heavy thing. Read the book, listen to podcasts, and if you still think I’m a fake, we can meet somewhere convenient to both of us and may the best man win. 🙂

      • Good response-my next question was going to be how is it you get so many great, clear EVPs when so many from others don’t sound like anything (just garbled, electronic noise).

  3. I forgot to ask whether you have done EVPs for deceased family members (such as your sister, or perhaps parents, if they have passed on). I would be interested to hear about what your deceased loved ones have said to you (in general terms) and whether you are able to ask them questions and have them answer ( it is one thing to just get voices on EVP but quite another accomplishment if the voices you hear are actually responding intelligently to questions that you put out to them).

    • I do try to hear from family members, but usually I go about it indirectly. I don’t believe in EVP identity very often. I can be swayed, but for the most part, I think there are precious few pearls of wisdom from the other side – family or not. And I’ve been lied to before, so I don’t worry about identity very much. If they volunteer it, I will pay attention though. But every once in awhile, it seems like a family member is involved. Who knows for sure who is speaking, ya know, so… I don’t judge success based on identifying them. Therefore, I would be guessing that I have heard from family, but not only from family. I tend to think most of them are not.

  4. One final note for now. I am a member of the Windbridge Institute (they use scientific protocols to study mediums, evp, etc). They came out with their research findings re evp and I wanted to pass it on to you, assuming you had interest, if you had an email that you could pass on (the research findings are in pdf format).

    The Institute:

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