18 Hours Earlier…

A few days ago, I wrote about something I saw (re: “Description of an Apparition”), and I eluded to the fact that this was the second of two paranormal occurrences within 18 hours. Well, before I touch on what came first, let me just thank those of you who felt compelled to send me personal emails concerning the state of my sanity and (regrettably) my honesty. We have the mechanism in place here to comment and reply – why not use it as others do? Question my veracity publicly! Why not? I’d prefer it, and I’m certain others would love to see your comments. I mean, you might be right! Keep it clean, of course, but consider taking a more forthright approach and lay it out there – I can respect that.

Now on to business. I’ve stated many times that I plan on attempting to contact my deceased sister via EVP, but until the other day, there was precious little to report. A garbled word here, a low whisper there… I’ve been able to capture some references to her, and some interesting, but inconclusive comments that exhibit her personality. There seems to be a new spirit available on most sessions I’ve conducted, but there’s been nothing specific to allege, and I don’t enjoy making claims.

The other day, I decided to take a rather vexing problem directly to her. I talked to her about one of my children – just the way I would have before her death. I was stumped. You can imagine my surprise during playback, as each response seemed more lucid and apropos than the one before. It began with an announcement of her name. Not Margo (her given name), as I always referred to her, but Mimi – the nickname she gave herself. She also mentioned my child by name, something I had not done, and in two subsequent comments, told me exactly what she recommended I do to solve the situation.

I can’t tell you what she said, because it would embarrass my child – there was nothing generic about the situation I brought to her, and mentioning the specifics would violate a family trust. This was quite an explicit problem, and the responses I received were unmistakably fitting. With each response, I became increasingly aware that not only was I getting good advice from beyond the veil, but that there was a very good chance that I knew who was giving it.

I hate it when someone in my position makes all sorts of unsubstantiated claims about the arguable identity of an EVP voice. I cringe every time I find myself even tempted to do it. So much so, that even now I will stop short of making that claim. But I want to. Not only do I feel that my sister was the spirit responsible for the interaction, it was typically good advice! It sounded like her, used words the way she might, identified itself by name… What else do I need to label this as a conversation with Margo? Well, evidence I guess. Indisputable, unequivocal, undeniable, completely verifiable evidence!

All I know for certain is that there was an unexplainable voice that seemed to answer a set of questions. But deep down inside? Well, that’s another story, isn’t it? I was floored, and I’m fighting off the goosebumps still. I guess ya had to be there, ya know – how do you top that? Eighteen hours later, an partition appeared on my bed! Geez! What a day!


5 responses to “18 Hours Earlier…

  1. Randall, sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. I lost my dad last year so have started to research the possibilities of an afterlife( bought your book not long ago but have yet to find time to read it).
    Based on all your experiences in the area of the paranormal, is there any doubt in your mind that we survive on some other plane after we die? I hope so but somewhat skeptical as i have never had any paranormal experiences myself.


    • I didn’t have any paranormal experiences to speak of until I started looking into it. Since then, it’s increased. You know, you put your finger in the socket, you’re gonna get a shok, right? To me, it is clear that there is an afterlife, but as you probably know better than most, there’s no proof. But some things you just know, and when you throw in some pretty convincing evidence and some compelling personal experiences, one becomes convinced. I’m sorry about losing your father – I can relate, but I recommend you take this journey. Stay skeptical, but accept when you need to. The best part comes when you become convinced that your loved ones are safe and happy and well in the arms of forever.

  2. Is it possible that this was something evil playing on your vulnerability? As you have said in the past, there is no way to truly know who is talking to you so I would suggest you tread carefully.

    • Anything is possible, brother, but I’m careful. I don’t mind being deceived so much, because my bottom line is that I can never know who spoke to me – as you said. I’m careful – I never invite a spirit to come, never open any doors – I just record who is already here. I hope! 🙂

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