Description of an Apparition

The last 18 hours have been fascinating: two paranormal-like events! I will start with this one and tell you the other in a day or two.

It has been about an hour since I woke up to see an apparition standing on my bed. I had been asleep and dreaming, but the dream awakened me, and I was attempting to remember details; putting off the inevitable trip through the cold to the bathroom. I didn’t want to open my eyes, and after about 2 minutes I felt someone climb on the bed. I first thought it was my daughter, but the sensation was that of a lighter person, so I assumed it was my granddaughter.

I waited for her to speak, and when she didn’t, I begrudgingly opened my eyes. Instead of a 45 pound 7-year old, there was a tall, sharply-formed, dark person. He was about 5 feet tall, was wearing a nearly black jumpsuit, and his left arm (stretched out in front of him) was parallel to the plane of the bed. The jumpsuit was creased in a way that indicated pressing, but there were no parts of his body visible. He did not have a head, his feet were buried in the stomach of my wife, and his outstretched hand seemed to blend into the long sleeves.

I had opened my eyes without moving my body, so I thought perhaps he was not aware that I was watching. It also occurred to me that without the slight light creeping through the nearby window, he would possibly have looked like a shadow. And then, after about 3 seconds, he put down his arm as though finished, and he was gone. He seemed to break apart; to dissolve into the air as we often see in movies – digitally and very quickly, but in pieces; as though in small clumps of pixels. The difference is that he was not flat and projection-like – he appeared solid, and his dissolving was three-dimensional in appearance.

He was less than three feet away from me, and I was not asleep or groggy, or disoriented. I realize many people will suggest this visitation was trickery of the mind, or a classic case of confusion – something else; various other nonsense. It was as I saw it, and I was fully aware. I knew what it was the moment I opened my eyes. I knew some of what it wasn’t. I checked my wife, got out of bed, walked through the entire house, and sat down to write this. And now, there are questions.


4 responses to “Description of an Apparition

  1. Nooooooooo! That will be a secret between you and me and the other 5 people who read this. She will be no good knowing that. Part 2 of my 18 hours is more up my alley and actually got to me more than the weird meling man did. And weirdly enough, I thought of Bill Maher and his attitude before I read your entry on The Big Seance.

    • Brian! My man! Good question. I just reported my experience, but you know, there are all kinds of possibilities – not the least of which is that the so-called apparition wanted it that way. Or maybe that explains why the wife woke up with a back ache. Or maybe he wanted me to notice him instead of her. Or maybe she didn’t wake up because he was, after all, very light. Or maybe he had no feet either and it just looked like they were inside of her. You know, most apparitions have several parts of the body missing – feet are the most usual. Or maybe she’s a heavy sleeper. (Why are there only half-a dozen footsteps and not a whole hall worth?) Maybe he couldn’t maintain actual solid presence for very long. If we knew the answer, we wouldn’t need to look. Someone once said, “sometimes the best logic is hidden in the lack of it.” Questions are good!

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