“So, I had this dream…”

Last night, I experienced part two of an intense dream from a week ago. It was such an incredibly vivid and seemingly significant dream that of course, I have to tell you all about it. I’ll remove the personal, boring details; I’ll combine both dreams into one event. You know, we all have these kinds of vision-like dreams, and while they may be rare, they are something we all have in common.

Mine begins with a simple argument with my wife. I was lying on my back, and she was sitting next to me. It was a very calm dispute, so I knew she was wrong when she said, “Well, that’s it. It’s over.” I understood that I had to leave, but I was certain she would come to miss me, and we’d repair the rift between us. But I knew it would take time.

I moved temporarily into some kind of dormitory – part of a paranormal institute, no less, with fascinating experiments going on all around me. It actually felt weirdly familiar and yet different at the same time, and my roommate was a childhood buddy. Instantly, we became fast friends once again, but it didn’t take long before he started to annoy me. Sloppy and boorish, he couldn’t manage to respect my personal space, and I quickly reached the point where I’d had enough of him. I decided to take a walk to get away, and for the first time I thought of my wife. I considered simply apologizing and admitting to the error of my ways; disavowing my stubborn need to be right. Almost immediately, there she was. I saw her pull up across the street in a very strange red vehicle, and she parked in front of a two-story glass building. I yelled from across the way, so happy to see her, and she turned and waved back – big smile on her face. But there were no words; no eye contact, and she looked right through me, and went inside.

Seeing my wife was difficult, and it preoccupied my mind for a day or two, but it wasn’t long before I found myself on that same street again – across from that same glass building. This time, when she pulled up in the strange vehicle, I felt oddly encouraged. I called out to her again, anticipating a joyous reunion, but my enthusiasm quickly waned. Instead of running into my arms, she completely ignored me. I yelled again even louder, and then several times more, but each time, she refused to acknowledge me. I noticed that she looked old and a little stooped over, but she seemed to straighten up and come alive when she saw a small girl looking out from behind the glass. As she hurriedly opened the door, I heard the child call her “Mama!” and noticed that she looked exactly like our daughter at four. Slowly, I began to understand.

She didn’t answer because she couldn’t see me. She was indeed much older, and the little girl was our daughter’s child. The vehicle was all the rage for the time, and that glass building was where she lived with what was left of her family. I, on the other hand, was no longer alive. Our argument wasn’t an argument at all. It was “over” because it was. When I finally understood, I realized that I could cross the street and get closer, if I wanted, but as I first stepped off the curb, I awoke. For quite some time I laid there. I wasn’t entirely certain whether I was alive and in bed, or whether I was in fact, dead and visiting. I wanted to reach over to wake her, but I was afraid to find out.

Obviously, I know this is all very “Sixth Sense.” It’s not paranormal, or vision-like, or even particularly revelatory. It’s not even original – people have dreams all the time, and many of them touch on this very subject with an even finer sense of enlightenment and verve. But mine was for me, and if nothing else, it was gratefully peaceful and calm. While it was sad to have died, I was content to learn that my loved ones were still close by if I wanted them to be, and that I could still share life with them in some capacity. I knew my wife would join me soon, and that I could be patient – a matter of days in my new life, translated into years in the world. But I also felt encouraged that life goes on regardless, and that the essence of who we are continues through our children, and then through theirs. I felt optimistic that the world could indeed make sense, even if that order required the confusion and the dread of death.

I was sad upon waking up, but I am content with these images now. I’m more certain than ever that there is a hereafter and that forever will be as precious as now can ever be. Maybe more, because forever has all the advantages of a dream, and we all know how off the hook those can be. I’m glad to be alive, but more than that, I’m gratified to believe that the only difference between living and dying is found in the waking up.


5 responses to ““So, I had this dream…”

  1. I actually blog too and I am crafting a thing alike to this blog, “So,
    I had this dream | thevoicesblog”. Will you mind in the event that I reallyincorporate a bit of of your own tips?
    I appreciate it ,Niki

    • As far as I’m concerned, you may quote me, link to me, anything except copy my words without giving credit. As far as ideas are concerned, if there is an idea of mine that you find worthy of incorporating into your own, that’s great too. Ideas and concepts that I talk or write about about are always fair game. It’s always nice to hear that I’ve been helpful, but the only ownership involved here is the exact words I’ve written. I hope this answered your question, and I wish you good luck in your endeavors. Let me know! 🙂

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