2013 By The Dozen

I suppose it is appropriate to assess things at year’s end. All the cable channels do it; the radio stations… blogs. I wish I could offer up the wisdom I’ve gained over the past year, but I don’t have any. I don’t think I’m one bit brighter than I was, and when it comes to insight, I may have even regressed a bit. I suppose I could tell you my New Year’s resolutions – that often doubles for wisdom and insight, but alas, I’ve none of those either. I should be resolving to quit smoking, or vowing never to raise my voice at anyone ever again – stuff like that. I’d like to do both of those, but unfortunately, I won’t.

It’s been a tough year! Last January 1st I was in bed with the flu, and that’s exactly where I am now – in bed with the flu. Different flu, but it seems to be trending. Of course, I lost my younger sister this year, and that really sucked. And it also sucks watching the toll that’s taken on my mother as she faces the loss of her child, but life is not all sack cloth and ashes, dammit – this was a good year too. Mostly for small reasons. You know, little things that often go completely unnoticed can mount up and deliver quite a positive punch. All those miscellaneous hugs from grandchildren, for instance, or telling everyone you love them before bed; hearing “I love you” back. Insignificant stuff can just accumulate you right into happiness sometimes, and before you know it, you’re smiling for no reason.

I think this has been a pretty normal year, actually. Life comes packaged with death and sorrow, but it also presents a great deal of the wonderful and the fabulous. I tend not to fixate too long on either side of the spectrum; I try to move on quickly. I like to look for new stuff to think about, and fresh ideas to ponder. I like meeting inventive people with brains and people who understand the deeper realities of life. I especially like spiritual ones, and those who think about things they can’t understand. Weird, I know, but I find folks like that to be more interesting and more life-affirming. I’m sure that’s just me.

So, I expect 2013 to be pretty typical as well – that’ll be okay with me. I don’t require a never-ending flood of spectacular – just some occasional peace and quiet, maybe Duncan Donuts now and then, good pizza, and the continuation of those hugs and kisses from grandchildren. Gotta have those, you know? Maybe a little common decency in Washington would be nice, lower prices on bacon, a Ravens Super Bowl, and I’d really enjoy losing some weight. (Maybe I need to forget the donuts.) But normal or not, I’m glad 2012 is gone – it is definitely time to move on to something new. 2013 seems poised to deliver. For my paranormal friends specifically, I hope everything in your life will be A-class and clear as a bell, and I wish good fortune, peace, and joy for everyone.

Of course, I do have a tiny piece of advice – something from the Beatles, no less. “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” Make some love this year! Any way you want to interpret that is fine with me – it all works, but by all means, do it. Thats all I got. Bury some hatchets, forgive some transgressions, do some good deeds, lift some spirits – you know the kind of things I’m talking about. I know it sounds like some sort of hippie manifesto, or a radical religious creed, but it’s what we do best. We ought to be able to do a lot of “love making.”

Anyway, that’s my advice – take it for what it’s worth; apply that grain of salt. You’ll find me at the donut store, embracing 2013 by the dozen – there’s plenty of time to count calories next year. I say let the goodness begin! Again.


3 responses to “2013 By The Dozen

  1. I think you may have bi-located your disease! What?! It could happen! I’m already doing better, thank you. The podcast will be late, but life’s tough in the big city. Either way, you are absolved. 🙂

    • I am hoping we get our book finished this year. I have a bunch of stuff I can send you to read if you like.

      Happy New Year!

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