“Other World” Peace

I’m a fairly even-tempered guy. I don’t yell very often or use intimidation to get my way during evidence review. I’m calm during investigations – not excitable, and able to handle fearful moments with reserve and calm. I assume that spirits can hear a normal tone of voice quite easily, and I go out of my way to be respectful and polite. I’m chill and easy to work with (maybe), don’t name call or point fingers in blame – don’t try to evade my responsibilities. Hell, I’m wonderful!

But sometimes I really want to do all those unpleasant things and worse when forced to deal with a puerile investigator. Fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with too many of those over the years. In fact, absolutely no one has aroused these abhorrent feelings within me for a couple of years now.

I think the last time someone ticked me off so much that I wanted to hurt them, was about two years ago. A lady investigator who insisted on changing her point of view with every question during EVP sessions, last did the deed. She didn’t seem to have any idea at all about what to say, so she just blurted out nonsense. I guess it made sense to her, but would you follow up “did you used to live here?” with “were you a good dancer?” I’m not sure why she went there, but it was like that all night, and by the time I was through with her, I was ready to… I didn’t.

Once, an investigator whispered eerily next to a stationary video camera. Instant A-class EVP! Except, this juvenile wasn’t smart enough to remember that the camera part was working as well. He later asked if I’d gotten any EVP on my video camera that night. “Yes,” I said. “And video too.” I won’t work with him again. Every piece of evidence from that camera had to be rejected, but I wanted to inflict pain on the fool.

I’ve not personally had the pleasure, but I’ve seen video of investigators who broke things on site, rooted through dresser drawers, and refreshed themselves via the family refrigerator. I’ve seen them acting like fifth graders on someone’s bed too – complete with obscene gestures. I’ve heard tell of people making out in every dark corner, drinking the client’s whiskey, tracking mud all over the living room carpet, and the creme de la creme – self-gratification in the master bathroom. On camera, no less!

I dunno what species raised these people, but thank God I wasn’t personally privy to any of this behavior. I might already be doing time in The Big House, were that the case. The team I work with is professional – especially when it comes to behavior. Our founder wouldn’t have thought twice about booting someone for this kind of disrespect – right then and there, on the spot. And I’d have been right there with him.

I haven’t seen much of this lately, but I know it still goes on. And it’s troubling! Hopefully, we’ll be able to resist giving in to anger when dealing with these mooncalves and degenerates; hopefully they will consistently be drummed out of the field. I hate to be such a stick in the mud, but by getting rid of this dead weight, we will be doing our part toward achieving “other world” peace. A worthy cause.


3 responses to ““Other World” Peace

  1. Another reason why I’ve stuck with mostly my family for my team and have resisted adding or “interviewing” for new members. There are so many goofballs out there.

    Oh, and thank you. Once again, I learned a few more words today. 🙂

    • Well, in order to derogate these miscreants, one must make a nonpareil effort to guarantee that the salient points are assiduously communicated. But I think you might be jeering my assault on their hebetudinous and torpid demeanor. Er… “You takin’ a shot at me, son?” 🙂

  2. How disrespectful …I wouldn’t have worked with them again either…some people talk continuously….drives me crazy…sorry you had to deal with the bs Randy 😦

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