There Oughtta Be…

As a child visiting my grandparents in Scranton, the Sunday morning comics always ruled the day. One of those, entitled “There Oughtta Be a Law,” was not available in my hometown papers, and soon became my favorite strip. I began usurping the title for other purposes – there oughtta be free ice cream, there oughtta be kid’s day, there oughtta be cake… whatever…

But there really ought to be an EVP Museum – a world-wide clearing house that focuses on anything EVP-related, replete with listening booths and quality headphones; video screens describing the circumstances of featured and verified recordings. Other exhibits based on general categories such as provocative, threatening, or funny EVP could be sprinkled throughout the museum. Maybe there could be a special section centered around the Spirit Box or advanced ITC techniques. Perhaps an area devoted to great investigators, historical aspects of the field, or… Anything, really. Special displays could come and go depending on time of year or season. Can you imagine “The Spirits Speak at Christmas,” or “Sports and the Spirit Voice?”

Permanent exhibits might include much needed information about pioneers like Sarah Estep or Konstantine Raudive – even Thomas Edison, or the Constantinos. I think it’s a natural. Each display could feature the books and videos of these trailblazers, allowing patrons to purchase the product, or download copies of prepared EVP sample packages – free, because after all, it is a museum. Imagine being able to copy representative samples of Sarah Estep’s work for further study, maybe purchase her book, or watch a short documentary about the great lady herself, all in one organized location.

And the museum wouldn’t be a profit-making venture, requiring just enough earnings to pay a couple of curators, and to keep the lights turned on. Actually, this museum oughtta be online instead, so the entire world can partake equally and benefit from the exhibit resources. Downloading representative EVP samples would be simple, as would be the ordering of books and other museum offerings. Potential future additions could be uploaded, easing the task of finding and cataloging new pieces. Heck, there might even be a page with your name on it – just do a search and there you are! Your page could feature a photo, a representative bio and summary of your paranormal history, videos of your exploits, and of course, your EVP – all there for public consumption and study, giving the respect and dignity your work deserves.

Someone would have to pay the server fees, of course, and there would be logistical problems, so a benefactor would have to step up, but I think it might actually work! But will it? Lots of ideas are possible – many are even easy to accomplish, but they still don’t manage to happen. I suppose it will take a very uniquely devoted, passionate person – someone willing to dedicate a major part of his or her life toward maintaining a professional, detail oriented museum. Well, I hereby donate this idea to anyone who wants to run with it, because there really oughtta be an EVP museum. As far as I’m concerned, that would trump free ice cream any day.


2 responses to “There Oughtta Be…

  1. Ooh ooh ooh! Can I be in charge of the food court with novelty items and themed snacks?! Or… maybe the gift shop on the way out! 🙂 That’s where we’ll make our cash! $12 sodas! 🙂

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