Simple Complexity

I’m as interested in finding scientific explanations for the paranormal as anyone. I like that! If you’ve read some past entries, you can back me up on it, and you probably realize just how confident I am that all paranormal questions will eventually produce scientific answers. Unfortunately, so far, instead of any answers, we have a hodge podge of folklore, superstition, philosophy, and some poorly stated theories.

Every time I try to make scientific sense of it all, I find myself frustrated, and annoyed with the hard truth that I’m just not intelligent enough for the task. Someone smarter usually steps up and let’s me know just how ill-prepared I am to argue such matters, and regrettably, they’re right. But I don’t want the scientists among us to shoot me down and just walk away. I want them to “get to work” on the problem!

I understand if they don’t want to creep through a pitch black tunnel in search of some specter, armed only with night vision and a recorder. An evening in some filthy, rat-infested pathway to Hell isn’t anybody’s idea of a swell night out, but somebody’s gotta do it. I will. In fact, I say let the scientists work in the comfort of a laboratory somewhere. I’ll even volunteer to bring in their meals – maybe a nice Chablis, if they like. Beer? Name your poison, and I’ll gladly schlep through the abandoned mental hospital in search of God knows what. My pleasure, actually, and if I fall through that weak third floor, chances are I won’t break anything important. Either way, I’m happy you’re on the case, Mr. Science Guy, because truly, there are real problems.

We’ve got unexplained interactive voices, free-forming mists, stuff flying around the room, ladies in white, see-through children, light-emitting orbs, and worse! But it’s more than just all that, isn’t it? I mean, it involves religion, and technology, and philosophy… And there are those nagging questions that have been plaguing mankind for countless millennia – ever since some caveman looked out over a noisy savannah and wondered “who am I really?” Questions that speak to the true nature of life, death, and the hereafter; of the soul, of angels and demons, God Almighty, alternate dimensions, singularities, time/space – all kinds of stuff!

You know, if we had some real scientists tackling just one of these quandaries, I’d be confident that when answers were offered they’d be the right ones. I’d be certain the proper theories were being aptly applied in the right instances. I’d be willing to accept findings and marvel at the elegant, simple complexity of it all.

But alas, instead of joining us, sometimes they laugh at us. They seem to delight in our foolish attempts to bring order and clarity to a field that has so far lumbered through in spite of itself; in spite of all of us who lumber in it. But at the end of the night, these science guys aren’t there – just us. We’re plumbers and store clerks; artists and maintenance men. We are the guy who had a shadowy visitor as a child, and the young woman who’s still afraid of the dark.

And we’ll continue plodding along, in the dark and in lieu of our sanity – we’ll accumulate miles of video and years of audio, type volumes of reports, spend every extra dollar on equipment that may not even work… And we’ll do it all without pay, consideration, or even respect. But that’s okay. Every EVP I record puts me yet another step closer to some elementary truth – a truth that the greatest minds among us have yet to acknowledge. Their loss, but wouldn’t it be sweet if they’d help?


4 responses to “Simple Complexity

  1. I think the reason (and dont take this the wrong way- im certainly not saying what you do isnt important) is that scientists each have their own field, and the paranormal doesnt (yet) come into it…physicists are searching for the grand theory of every damn thing, astrophysicists are searching for the answers to dark matter and enery and the health sciences and psychologists are too interested in the living….so from your perspective i see how it looks – a closed field.

    For instance, i could promise you now that if i get my Phd i would start a career in studying the paranormal….but would i? well, no, i dont think so. its not that im not interested, i find it fascinating, its just that in order to be an astrophysicist, id being doing research in my put it another way, to propose a line into paranormal research it would be academic suicide πŸ˜‰

    now..i understand there are actually those out there studying the paranormal using science…the parapsychologists, but the problem i see with this is, is that these parapsychologists are not physical scientists…they are not historians…they are not chemists.

    so without training in many many fields, i think it would be futile for a single scientist to go into the field, because each would have thier own theories.

    the solution to this?….well, have them all come together i suppose! but again i ask you, is this going to happen?

    All this sounds very negative i know, but i actually would love to see a joint team of physicists, chemists, psychologists, historians and so on all come together and join with people like you who (and giving all the credit here!) have been investigating the paranormal for years.

    perhaps then all of us together could find an answer…..then again maybe not, but great discoveries werent built on that assumtion were they!


    • I don’t want y’all to give up your careers in astrophysics, or whatever one’s specialty might be. We don’t give up our careers. Don’t scientists have free time? Hobbies? Etc? Just join us in an honest way, that’s all. I have investigated with complete skeptics before, it’s great to have that point of view along. But imagine what someone with a scientific background could bring to the table, and maybe their curiosity might become aroused.

      I’m one of the lucky ones who does this full-time so to speak. And of course, I like to stir things up, so this post is a little tongue in cheek. But we really need you guys. We’re not crazy, and we’re very good observers, and our evidence is good, but we’re not scientists – we need what science brings to the table – especially when you realize that this spans all areas of study – from cosmotology to quantum mechanics – psychiatry to waves. Etc.

      How many discoveries are more meaningful than proving the paranormal?

      Great reply. I just wish more people would respond. Peace!

      • I also enjoyed Richard’s reply, along with the post itself, obviously. The first thing I imagined was the team of experts that came together in an emergency to bring back Apollo 13! πŸ™‚ That’s what we need. An emergency and mandatory scientist paranormal conference! Lock everyone in a room till they figure it out! In a beautiful ballroom with the standard table with glasses and a water cooler in the corner. I’m even picturing the lanyards! πŸ™‚

        Waiting for next scientist to reply……………………….

  2. Two things: first, I am mortified that I made cosmologists into hair dressers. It’s not cosmetology, it’s cosmology. And second, Richard, I love that you respond. If it sounds like I don’t, please know its not anywhere near like that. In fact, don’t stop.

    Patrick, I dunno where your mind comes from, but I totally pictured that, and I love it. Right down to the water glasses on the table. But the idea is actually a great one – we might not solve anything at such a meeting, but imagine how much we’d all learn! There ought to be some kind of scientist on every investigation!

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