Yesterday’s Future

So… Let’s say that particles can be in two places at the same time. They can, you know. It’s that whole quantum physics thing. Curiouser and curiouser it gets, and of course, I can’t tell you how particles do this, but I believe it is so. I accept everything I see on the HD machine! So, lets amend that slightly to say that according to quantum physicists I’ve watched on tv, particles can be in two places at the same time.

Remarkable little things. Of course, when you start trying to apply quantum mechanics to our “larger” existence, it’s just not the same – stuff gets really crazy. It’s subatomic ambrosia, but it’s chaos up here with the elephantine. We probably shouldn’t expect to be able to ride shotgun and drive at the same time.

Regardless, there are all sorts of attractions available in Subatomicville. For example, it makes perfect sense that the present is affected by the past, but did you know it is also affected by the future? Because that insane little particle can be in two places at once, it can also be practically anywhere in space or time. So as our past progresses to the current, so too does the future proceed towards it as well, and theoretically, I suppose, they kind of metaphorically collide at the present – the now. What I am doing now has a direct bearing on what I did yesterday; tomorrow has already helped shape today. Isn’t this a little like the “chicken or the egg” thing? Which one actually does come first?

But here’s the real rub. Am I an EVP researcher because I slowly evolved through the field in bygone days, or was I encouraged through events that haven’t even happened yet? Did my affinity with this subject naturally progress to this moment, or is it so because in the future I molded myself into such a person? Both? Is there a monumental event waiting for me in the future that requires life to have gone thusly, and did I influence this from beyond my death? Maybe the deceased me felt such a strong need to communicate that I chose my still alive self to communicate to. When I capture voices, how many of them are me? And what would I have to do next week to prevent me from capturing any more?

This is no joke, by the way. There’s a very viable theory wrapped around it, and even some successful experimentation that seems pretty convincing to me. And a lot of questions too, but it makes me think that my human energy just might be on a quantum level – small, certainly unnoticeable; definitely low-key and chill by comparison to this gargantuan world I inhabit now.

Anyway, if human energy is subatomic, then our spirits could occupy any number of spaces – just like that particle. Any number of times as well – simultaneously, all while traveling very fast. Most folks already believe our souls are made of energy, but if one day your now becomes a subatomic yesterday’s future, remember where you heard it. I wonder – what would you change about your past now that you know you can? Care to fix that little issue at the prom? Being in two places at the same time is hard work?

There! Case closed – I’ve solved everything. Spirits are quantum creatures whose future is subatomic, influencing our currently subatomic brain energy. But my head hurts. I’m sure I got this all wrong, but the possibilities are so infinite, and very hard to resist. Maybe I should just let it go. Next week! Tune in for our newest installment – “Fluctuation – Why Are There More Than One of Me and Which One Came First?” I have it on good authority that it was worth the effort.


7 responses to “Yesterday’s Future

  1. Hey
    interesting post- if you havent already come across them check out light cones, they will certianly be interesting reading and tie in nicely with your topic

    souls are energy- now THERES an interesting one…..if you remember me from my last conversation with you i am an atheist and astrophysics student…matching them together makes me one very skeptical person, though of course you could have probably figured that one out 🙂

    anyways back to the energy composed souls….my question is (and i have not read up on this i admit, so forgive me if i am asking an obvious question)…given the principle of energy conservation, where does this energy come from? every movement, every piece of living tissue, radiation…none of it is created, merely transformed and conserved. Taking the issue of creationism aside for a moment, from what previous form is soul energy from?

    Our bodies and existance is ultimately ruled by solar radiation (or more ultimately nuclear fusion) and we eventually decompose, energy is conserved and entropy works its cruel magic, but with souls we dont have this- again the theory seems to break another physical law….unless of course souls ‘fade’ and the energy changes form, in that case entropy is conserved.

    Im rambling a bit here i know, though it is mainly due to my ignorance of supernatural (or perhaps natural if im wrong 🙂 ) matters

    anyways just my thoughts, hope you find them engaging
    nice read

  2. Well! Stop making me think! When I travel into this interpretive science mode, I want to just spew it out and then go back to my natural place giggling at Scooby Doo or contemplating REAL things like why Patrick Star can’t see his forehead.

    But… Here I go… Micro tubules in the brain hold tiny amounts of energy, and that is gone shortly after death – the soul – voila! But of course, no one knows, but they are studying this possibility. I somewhat understand what you’re saying – not completely, of course, but enough to realize there are problems. But these problems are common in the paranormal, so they don’t bother me because I realize we are relatively primeval a. (You should know that the soul is just another word for spirit, by the way.)

    All I know is that I record unexplainable voices, which makes it my job by default, to somehow expand the conversation beyond the mumbo jumbo of metaphysics. The typical skeptic just laughs and hides behind “higher learning” or something, and would sooner dismiss EVP as a misunderstanding of things by a primitive mind. I know otherwise, so… I play the “what if” game just to keep the topic away from such things and focused more on the miracle of the paranormal.

    I love your comments – keep it up, but don’t expect ME to succumb to logic and common sense. Not when I know those wont explain things I’ve heard and seen. 🙂 But seriously… Why can’t Patrick see his forehead? Peace, brudder!

    • haha (and i mean that laugh genuinely…im really not going to be able to watch star trek the same again!)
      your thoughts are again intriguing, but given my relative ignorance in paranormal matters, i think i shall go and do some researching, lest i get myself into a cycle of logic vs experience (and lets not go *there*…. 🙂 )

  3. You’re a good guy, Rich. The paranormal needs to hear from people like you. I may be reading you wrong, but I don’t think so. You strike me as being the best kind of skeptic – the kind we need. Every investigative team should have someone like you right there in the thick of it. And I mean that. Good checks and balance…

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