An Open Mind

It has always been my attitude to take Spirit Box results with a rather large grain of salt. Obviously, that’s because the device uses radio frequencies, and frankly, there’s a whole lot of talking on the radio. The thing that can save Spirit Box results from the proverbial circular file, in my opinion, is an abundance of repetitive responses throughout the session. If I am able to get several references to the same name, for instance, then my personal confidence level will increase. Still, the probability of coincidence is built into the Spirit Box by design. In my locale, it is not possible to cycle through the radio bands without hearing fragments of broadcast language. This does not ease my angst, but defines my concerns even more succinctly instead.

However, when response after response fits the conversation, while accompanied by multiple verifications, my belief becomes much less strained. You’ll never convince me that certain phrases will repeat over and over in a relatively random sampling of fast frequency passes – especially at exactly the right moments every time. Frankly, good, compelling Spirit Box results are difficult to discount.

Still, regardless of my over-simplification for the sake of this blog, Spirit Box results are not easy to accept as evidence of authentic spirit communication. And yet, my most recent foray into this arena was shocking. Not only was it easy to get several name verifications (four), but other appropriate responses were surprisingly uncanny. The spirit in question clearly knew the name of a female investigator who was present, and even offered that he found her “pretty.” He mentioned the homeowner by name twice, remarking that he was a good person, and later asking if we worked together. I also have EVP to further confirm much of what the Spirit Box revealed, so all in all, fairly convincing.

None of this is earth-shattering stuff, of course, and I’m not even certain if any of it is actually worthy of mention. Others in the field have had spectacular Spirit Box results for years, and even though the session in question delivers over forty responses of interest, it pales in comparison to countless offerings by other investigators world-wide. But it does represent a milestone for me.

This is the first time I have had such prolific results. The promise of the Spirit Box is that it can provide abundant real-time communication – anything less is much better handled through EVP. A comment here or there only emphasizes the built-in flaws of the device and tends to confuse the basic value of the equipment. But statistically, over forty responses is definitely a different story, and all objections go out the window. I don’t have much choice but to accept these results as some kind of communication between us and “them.”

You know, it’s always wise to have an open mind, but it’s imperative that we recognize forced evidence, ill-conceived equipment, and unsound methodology. However, bias for the sake of bias is even less desirable. I dare not be a strong proponent of the Spirit Box based on one highly successful session, but I’m willing to sit up and take notice. After all, if doesn’t matter what I think anyway. Only the truth counts.


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