Just My Type

     I’ve mentioned CEV before – on The Voices Podcast as well as in an online magazine article. In case you’re at a loss, it stands for Closed Eye Visualization – an hallucination created by focusing your eyes on the “visual noise” found on the back of the eyelids. Almost anyone can do it, and it usually results in a series of actual images that appear to form out of total darkness.
     The operative term here, however, is the word hallucination – there’s no reason to believe CEV is anything but a complex form of matrixing, geared toward making sense of the random visual noise. I’m very good at finding faces in wallpaper, leaves, and smoke, just to name a few, and I’ve formed quite a few strange CEV faces as well.
     I’ve also done experiments combining CEV with EVP sleep sessions. I’ve compared quantity, gender, and age of the CEV faces with the EVP I’ve managed to record that night. Usually, they match – i.e. five different voices coinciding with five different CEV faces. I have often wondered whether the spirits I record have introduced themselves visually as well.
      Lately, I’ve tried CEV with my eyes open in darkness, attempting to visualize in the same manner. Open or closed, there are images of faces that show up, and seem to compare with the kinds of voices I later record that night. So I ask you – what gives? Is it logical to assume my CEV images are not the product of eyelid noise after all? If not, are the images created in my mind? If so, how could the EVP demographics match the CEVs so accurately?
     A few nights ago, in an attempt to see how much control I could exercise, I sat quietly in bed for five minutes, recorder in hand, eyes open, under the covers. It didn’t take long before a very attractive, smiling, dark-haired woman appeared for about 3 seconds –  just my type too. At the end of five minutes, I listened to my recording to find the faint sound of a woman singing words I couldn’t quite decipher. This has happened before, so I turned the recorder on again and settled in for actual sleep, hoping to conjure the young lady for the duration.
     This time, the faces of two men appeared, even though I was intensely concentrating on her. But unable to sleep, about half an hour later I turned off the recorder to listen. There were indeed the faint EVP of two distinct male voices. But, one of them said, “She is missing.”
     I don’t know what this means or how it happened, and I certainly can’t claim these faces represent the voices who are recorded while I sleep. I’m not even certain how many times this sort of thing needs to happen before I can claim it’s more than a coincidence. The mind is a strangely difficult thing to understand, and there’s no telling what it is capable of, but it certainly didn’t record itself saying “She is missing.” And in all probability, if there is an explanation, it won’t be one of those “one size fits all” kind of things.
     Oh! By the way! She returned last night. Same inviting, yet perplexed smile as before; her hair slightly different. But I was almost asleep and didn’t get to my recorder. I’m hoping she sang me to sleep – after all, she is just my type. But then, odds are she’s not real at all – an hallucination. Probably.

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