Spiritual Blinders

Paranormal folks like to use exciting scientific theories on which to base explanations for the evidence they collect. For instance, alternate universes go a very long way toward explaining a great many paranormal things. Problem is, of course, there’s no proof that alternate universes even exist. That will probably happen soon though, and something phenomenal will surface – life as we know it will change once again.

Until then, however, many of us will continue to blame paranormal occurrences on a variety of theoretical possibilities. No wonder a lot of people get fed up with us. In defense of our cooption of the speculative, since there is no factual basis for anything paranormal, we have no foundation on which to build. We have tons of data and results, without a single defining or corroborating logical basis for any of it. All we can say is that it exists. We need theories to give us a foothold.

Here we sit with all this fantastic verification – all these millions of EVP, with little more to do than offer best guesses as to what details accurately characterize them. We can’t look back to the accomplishments of great men and women in the field – there aren’t any. In science, we have the work of geniuses like Einstein and Newton, just to name two, who have blazed the trail for others who follow. They’ve transformed certain possibilities into facts, so whatever scientists do today can be based on their work and conclusions that have already been proven accurate.

We don’t have such a luxury within the paranormal. When a cosmologist thinks about the universe, he automatically understands certain facts to be true. This foundation will provide the platform for everything he ponders. “What happened before the singularity?” he might ask, because he has a pretty accurate idea of what happened afterward. One’s new ideas might not originate from anything concrete, but there will always be a solid starting point thanks to proven scientific principles.

There is no comparable foundation in paranormal studies. Is it any wonder we base our thinking on near and soon to be truths? What else do we have? We can’t be expected to just sit pat and wait for the next couple of geniuses to come up with something concrete so we can start working. That’s no good. The geniuses probably wouldn’t choose the paranormal to work on anyway, and we’d be left at the altar, all decked out in our gear, with no partner coming down the aisle. The fact that the entire field has been left to untrained amateurs for a very long time ought to tell us something – science doesn’t care. In fact many of them will tell you that the paranormal is foolish.

If we follow strict scientific principles exclusively, EVP become irregularities – accidents of nature. “There’s no mystery.” There’s no explanation either, and once we entertain one; perhaps a more spiritual offering, our ill repute begins. Certainly, we hear them, but as long as there is even the possibility of a natural explanation, all paranormal options are off the table – null and void. And that means always and forever, because the scientific community isn’t going to recognize the spiritual world as being a part of their real world. It’s always been a problem for mankind to willingly merge the two, and since the scientific discipline is made up of highly focused men and women, there are sometimes spiritual blinders in every equation.

Mankind has always viewed spiritual possibilities as being above and beyond the tangible life. That’s because removing one from the other allows us to easily add our personal spiritual suppositions at will. That’s old thinking, of course; it’s stubborn thinking – I see the two as one and the same. The spiritual realm is simply a part of the physical. Things spiritual happen because they’re supposed to, and they’re just as natural as an erupting volcano or the movement of an electron around a nucleus. Science can’t afford the indulgence of only embracing the physical world, just as we cannot afford to embrace only the spiritual.

As it stands, science almost never contemplates the spiritual, but God is science – not just the master of it. Spirits aren’t aberrations of human observation – they exist in ways and places that will one day be easily understood, but are currently completely mystifying. Everything has a scientific explanation – everything. All things work as they should – there are no hidden realities, only realities not yet discovered. This marriage of the spiritual and the physical is necessary – it’s inborn, and it’s the way we need to envision things if we’re ever going to merge the essence of what it means to be human with the understanding of what it is to become more.


8 responses to “Spiritual Blinders

  1. I’ve always considered myself equal parts science and spiritual (probably leaning a tad heavier to the skeptical/scientific side). Sometimes I feel like there aren’t many in the paranormal like me. I sometimes don’t perfectly fit into the conversation… or I have to filter. They usually land in either one camp or the other. Or maybe that’s not true. But maybe we should work to form a third category, like those who believe we should have a third major political party? Maybe our groups and our websites and our missions should clearly identify ourselves as those finding great importance in both worlds. That is… if we think it’s a good thing. I’ve tried to do that on our group’s site. Am I still talking?

  2. One fascinating thing is that even though I tried to make the case that the two are one and the same, you still separated them into different camps. I mean, it’s not wrong – its human nature, but the argument that they are the same either didn’t work or cannot penetrate the human need to keep them separate. I maintain one reason for this is to allow ourselves control over those areas which science cannot yet define for us. We like being able to fashion whatever spiritual life we want. Of course, that’s belief, so we can always do that, but the spiritual truths all eist in scientific reality. Nothing about life or existence is outside of science – all things have their place. It’s always just a question of understanding.

    Isn’t it?

  3. Very interesting post there. As an astrophysics and cosmology student you can probably predict what my reply to this will be, so i shall leave the skeptic side out of the reply and go to the new stuff.

    I have had what may be called paranormal experiences (ok one) and i am willing to share if you’d like to hear it (it involves a train), however to me the current reasons put forward to explain these paranormal phenomenon are off.

    I have spent alot of time researching different types of paranormal experiences such as dopplegangers, alternate reality, BEKs, shadow men and so on, and while i cannot explain any of them right now, i am in the camp that truely believes what we see and experience is nothing but the physical universe manifesting itself in a way that our knowledge of science doesnt yet cover…i mean imagine explaining string theory or the uncertainty princple to Newton? he would think we were talking utter rubbish because it wouldnt fit into his newtonion theories.

    Science if anything is about adaptation, and perhaps the line is blurred as you say, but as a scientist we have nothing to do but to work with what we have.

    I think science has a reputation (and im certainly not saying you are this, i merely add it for the discussion’s sake) of being stale and boring, however the average joe wont know abot quantumn theotry, schrondingers cat, or that general relativity shows us that time isnt linear or fixed. There are a host of craxy things that are scientific fact, so perhaps one day these paranormal events will be described by one.


    • I don’t think we actually disagree much. I maintain that every paranormal happening finds it’s origin in something completely natural. There is much in science we do not know – especially in quantum mechanics and the like – probably more we do not know than we do. Somewhere in that unknown lies the paranormal. If m-theory is right, for instance, then the paranormal could arguably be revealed rather quickly. Science holds all the answers. There’s no such thing that exists that does not boast of a solid footing in the real world. But as a society, we refuse to see the paranormal as potential truth. Those of us who know it exists unquestionably couldn’t get a fair evidence review if our lives depended on it. I love your comment. I hope you come back often and comment often! PEACE!

  4. Well Randy you are an optimist! While your premise that paranormal events are simply natural occurrences that haven’t been explained yet seems correct to me, your faith that we may soon have explanations of so-called spiritual realities from quantum physics seems unjustified. There are limits to what the human mind can comprehend. For example, bilocation — when one single particle exists in two locations at the SAME time — or spin — when a particle spins clockwise AND counter-clockwise at the same time. These are QM realities, but can you even visualize a bilocating particle or a particle spinning two ways at once, let alone understand how and why those actions come about? My guess is that so-called spiritual events are even spookier than that! Our tiny fly-like minds aren’t made to comprehend non-linear, simultaneous timespace events, and they will never be. In my humble opinion. Though of course there will be amazing discoveries in physics that we can understand!

  5. Of course I can fathom bilocation and particle spin “anomalies!” I’m even planning a bilocation experiment of sorts with EVP. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on what future discoveries will be made, or whether we can even grasp them when they are. Alternate universes are as simple as finding a white hole. You know that. Finding that white hole proves it. But you know… Time isn’t linear (it depends, doesn’t it?) so whatever the future learns… Well, you know what I mean. It could happen tomorrow.

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