Abandoned in Black and White is a fascinating pairing of the photography of Randall Keller and the poetry of Nick Missos. All photographs were exposed at an abandoned mental institution with a long history of paranormal activity in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Missos’ unique ability to interpret the true message held within each image expands the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” proving instead that the right words are transformative and transcendent.

At this time, the book is slated to include no less than 24 quality black and white photographs, each fixed to peel back a layer of this broken monument to decay and dereliction. You’ll feel this place in your soul, and understand the passions that linger still.

Randall Keller is best known as an author and EVP Researcher (electronic voice phenomena). His books include Voices From Forever, and There Is No Silence. Randall also spent many years as a professional photographer. Since the photos within Abandoned were originally made as part of a limited paranormal investigation, they present a unique perspective of this forgotten place, and forge the perfect marriage of spirit and emotion.

Nick Missos is a Bio-mechanical Engineer by trade but a poet at heart. He has worked in the Orthopedic Design field since 1985 and has been writing poetry for over 35 years for his friend’s and family’s enjoyment. His only published pieces deal with the death of his son. Nick has dealt with death and the feeling of abandonment since the passing of his father when Nick was 5.

Expected digital release is planned for January 2013 – initially available at the Apple iBookstore, and later through Amazon. Additional information will be available soon. The two photos below offer an intriguing peek into Abandoned in Black and White.


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