We’re Ready Now

Every photo taken from the Hubble telescope includes over a trillion stars, and countless others are too deep to register. If the angle is changed, a trillion more come into view. That’s a million million, and it looks like this: 1,000,000,000,000. It is a statistical inevitability that other living civilizations exist – people… every bit as vital and sentient as we are. 

The statistics are so compelling that the odds far exceed any possible challenge to that conclusion. There is a better chance you’ll grow tentacles by tomorrow than there is that we are “alone.” We couldn’t have known that fifty years ago, so it’s easy to understand why the certainty of alien life doesn’t seem likely, but armed with what we know now, it’s misguided not to accept and embrace this as fact. Statistical evidence is infinitely reliable – it’s a mistake not to believe.

We have become quite proficient at discovering what was previously unthinkable – we’re good at it, so I think we can handle the notion of alien life. We’re ready to accept that now. As a society, we need to embrace this and decide what we’re going to do next. Stop all the fence sitting and outright denial and make some serious plans for the day we are formally contacted. We’re ready.

Other disciplines within the paranormal are ripe for acceptance as well. EVP, for example. We’ve known about EVP since the early 1900s, and we’ve accumulated hundreds of thousands of spirit voices world-wide – probably millions. We can’t prove very much beyond the actual existence of EVP, but we really should just get on with the business of believing – the statistical evidence demands it. I think we’re ready for that as well, don’t you?

Forget the religious implications! You can’t use science to prove God any more than you can use God to prove science. It doesn’t work that way – faith and belief are not the same. We believe what science tells us; we have faith in God. There’s room for both concepts, but we’ll have to expand and adjust the religion as we go; science can’t bend. I know it violates some of our core beliefs to think that God created other beings on other planets, but did He actually say otherwise? And it’s not demon worship to talk to spirits – it’s science. The time has come to begin enlarging our faith to suit the God who’s behind it. We’ve been heading in that direction anyway, so it won’t be long – we’re ready now.

But there are many other treasures to be found in the paranormal grab bag for which there is no proof; no statistical evidence. Concepts like finding the human soul and defining alternate universes, just to name two, will probably open up the paranormal in amazingly meaningful ways. Not quite yet, but it won’t be long before new breakthroughs create all sorts of new realities. Discovery comes fast in the 21st century, and sorting it all out can alter one’s perceptions.

We have to be prepared to react quickly to this newest world – we have to be agile. We won’t be able to dismiss knowledge just because it makes us uncomfortable, or ignore truths that take exception to our non-civilized nature. We won’t be able to argue factuality simply because it complicates our lazy nature. We have to be ready for anything – there’s no time to be otherwise, but I think we are. I think we’re ready for all sorts of things, don’t you? And it’s about time.


2 responses to “We’re Ready Now

  1. Yes, we are ready…some of us have been ready for a long time 🙂 Then there are those who will continue to drag their feet for fear of change, and that is sad. So many things to just get real about and get on with it already. Great post, Randy!

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