Not to Expose

My purpose for being involved with the paranormal is to learn. For me, it speaks to greater issues – teaches us about ourselves as living creatures as well as the undisclosed aspects of our supposed demise. There is no creep factor for me; no need to be scared; no thrill seeking. For me, it’s just a part of life in which I have gained some small ability. It encourages my curiosity, and feeds my need to understand more completely. Suffice it to say I see myself as one to be educated; to share what I think I’ve learned – not to expose.

There are many people involved in the paranormal that are unworthy of our attention. There are charlatans and fakers; liars and miscreants, who do not deserve the energy we spend acknowledging their presence, much less their lack of contribution to the cause (if you will). But I have also found that these folk do not constitute the majority, and I am comfortable knowing that in most cases, their own hand will expose them. I do not see it as either my responsibility or my calling to be their undoing. So let me repeat – I am here to learn, not to expose. I can do the world no good by pointing out the flaws of others – far better I revel in the good – something I do not do enough.

Which brings me to Sarah. She is a medium – someone I have had the pleasure of meeting and whose gift has proven to be exceptional. And yes, Sarah is not her real name. I had thought to interview her for The Voices Podcast, but Sarah has been under attack of late. I won’t go into details, except to say that her assailants are unfair and exhibit an especially brutal desire to harm her. She does not deserve this, of course. She is, as you may have already guessed, handling it all with grace.

Sarah works for a living. We sometimes assume that mediums support themselves entirely with reported large sums of money “absconded” through the readings they give. It is my personal belief that honest and legitimate mediums do not make much money. They don’t rely on giving false information aimed at return visits and unnecessary contributions. There are no attempts to bilk clients of their life savings. There are no flashing neon signs in their living room picture window saying “readings” or “physic reader.” Sarah is an honest woman, who deserves payment for her labor, because she too has bills to pay – she is as much a working stiff as the rest of us.

Her “normal” job is possibly in jeopardy if her mediumship becomes public, therefore, barring adequate voice disguise, she cannot appear on The Voices Podcast. And this is not a decision I intend to question. There will be no cajoling, no manipulative words of false encouragement, no “sensible” reasons why the world deserves to hear her story. Sarah’s secret is safe with me, and her well being far more important than any need of mine to learn or to help others learn.

But it occurs to me that this is something we should all be pondering. Not whether or not we believe in her gift, but how we deal with one another. There have always been preposterous notions emanating from within the paranormal. There have always been outlandish claims and crazy, illogical theories that try to explain the most elusive of questions. And it’s not enough to blame the skeptical world for attempting to discredit us, when so much of that vitriol can be found within.

I think the time has come for us to re-evaluate our motives. Are we really seekers of truth? A cliché, to say the least, but the seeking of truth is a glorious goal nonetheless, worthy of the highest praise. It has always been so, whether through the deep thought of philosophers, or the revelatory nature of our culture and expression. But it also comes from within the being of every man and woman. There are those who would suggest it is an integral part of humanity itself – instinctual perhaps; certainly comforting in moments of trial and need.

And yet, if we are seekers of truth, does that also include the responsibility to determine what is not true? Certainly some of that becomes evident, and we have learned to pass over the deceptions of life, but where does this apparently insatiable need to discredit other seekers come from? What compels so many of us to inflict pain upon those who disagree, or who understand things differently, or more significantly, who see things we cannot see? How can we attack Sarah or those like her simply because we have not found a truth she has embraced? Is the truth only evident through our own eyes, or shall we choose, instead, to find it wherever it lies? These are questions worthy of consideration as we walk our own paths. I know I shall.


4 responses to “Not to Expose

  1. I have been thrown into the world of the paranormal, my husband and I purchased a 1900’s foreclosed home we have been renovating for the last 9 months we have had many experiences, evp’s photo’s (all on my blog), how does one contact or find a medium in their area that is not some “charlatan” I do not want a paranormal investigation being new in the neighborhood I don’t need the gossip, I just want to know whats going on. If you can and have time could you steer me in the right direction? I live near Cleveland, Ohio anything you could do would be greatly appreciated…… My best to Sarah.

  2. Mainlyblue – welcome. I don’t have an ounce of swag in Cleveland, but if I wanted to find a reliable medium, I think I’d talk to someone in a paranormal team and ask them who they recommend. Most of them will know someone they trust and who is real.

    I need to find time, but I can’t wait to check out our blog, by the way. It looks totally fascinating!

    • Thank’s for your quick reply, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before I have a famous medium that lives about 20 minutes from me, her name is Mary Ann Winkowski, she is a published author and was the inspiration for the television show Ghost Whisperer based loosely on her life and ability to see spirits, I looked at her web site and she has a P.O.B. or phone number I would like her to see my photo’s so I think I’ll write and there is about a 3 month wait on phone call returns. Thanks for sparking my memory!

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