Compos Mentis

It never rains but it pours. That’s an old saying for sure, but it does seem to be accurate – things happen in bunches sometimes. Over the past year I’ve been wrestling with a small portion of my compos mentis – I keep thinking I hear whispers. Yes, I said whispers – voices that sound a lot like EVP, only there’s no recorder involved. You know, as in “he’s losing his mind?”

But I’m secure enough to chalk it up to every day stress, some kind of psychosis, or… Well, just in case, I’m making notes. The other day, it happened twice in one conversation, and both times I instantly stopped speaking and asked the other person if she said “whatever.” Both times she did not. Both times, the whispered comment fit the subject on the table. Well, what did it say, Randy? (don’t worry, I hear the snicker in your head too.)

In the middle of telling my wife an unfortunate story, a raspy female voice said “just wonderful” with what I believe was just the right amount of sarcasm. And a minute later, the same voice said, “I’m leaving now.” I asked my wife where she was going – she said she was probably going crazy, but she wasn’t leaving. “Why?”

If she didn’t hear the voice, it must be my sanity that’s leaving, right? It’s not a VP (voice phenomenon) if I’m the only one who hears it – I know I’m not a sensitive or a medium. I’m not hearing dead people. I don’t believe I’ve got EVP on the brain to the point of hallucination either. Besides, this has happened while on the phone quite a few times, as well as when I’m alone. Frankly, I feel like I’m about 6 minutes from schizophrenia; like these are the famous Son of Sam voices and pretty soon they’ll be telling me what to do. Oh sure, it’s all innocent now. Right now it’s all “close the door” and “lay off the donuts,” but how long before it turns to “kill the nun.” Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will stay benign and just order me to do yard work or learn to crochet.

I’m not crazy, you know. I swear! Trust me! And I’m sure it’s not one too many sessions with the earphones on – not wishful thinking, self-fulfilling prophesies, or a chemical imbalance. It’s one of those blasted voices that’s learned how to be heard. She’s whispering in my ear alone, and rather effectively. You know, similar to how EVP only show up on one recorder when several are present.

But right in the middle of my bout with sanity, I found out that my neighbor two doors away is hearing them too. It’s those voices that have prevented her from sleeping in her own home for several weeks now – she’s scared. Reportedly, her voices aren’t very nice, whereas mine are just typical. But there’s more – another person in the neighborhood is hearing them as well. So I guess everyone who saw a rubber room in my future had better rethink, eh?

I don’t recall hearing or reading anything about a situation like this, but it certainly seems possible that something might just be happening in the entire area. We’re so conditioned to look for more localized haunts – buildings, homes, old mines – something containable. Looking more closely at the history around the homes in question, the problems seem to have begun around the same point in time – including my voices, so I think I’ll wait before I book that rubber room and keep making notes. I’ll let you know what happens next, but for now, let’s just say there’s something going on around here, and you’ll be the first to know. Well, second.


5 responses to “Compos Mentis

  1. Another thought: could there be a geologic feature that recently changed? Any fracking going on in your part of MD?

  2. This is fascinating. Sounds like with the whole neighborhood involved you could research forever! But exciting though, right?

    I’ve only had a slightly similar thing happen to me once. There was one early morning two years ago where I was walking the dog before work. Upon re-entering the house, I heard my Dad’s voice clear as day saying my name, and it sounded exactly like he would say it if he was in another room and wanted my attention. My dad was at his home 3 hours away at the time. I actually got a little freaked out wondering if something was going on with him, so I called the house. Everything was fine…. but my mom shared a similar experience that she had just hours before. She woke up to my dad saying her name in the same way, only he wasn’t there. He was outside doing something. Completely strange.

    Thanks for telling us. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more.

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