Druid Ridge Cemetery

I have talked about Druid Ridge Cemetery before. I based almost an entire chapter surrounding it in Voices From Forever. It’s one of my favorite places, actually, and I can often be found just driving through from time to time. I’ve done EVP experiments there, a lot of photography, and for some reason, I feel like I’m a part of the place. Maybe one day, my name will join the thousands of others who grace the paths and rows.

There are two Druid Ridges for me. First, there are the thousands and thousands of markers – one after the next. Miles and miles of funeral processions; rows and rows of final resting places – Druid Ridge has served the community well. But the other Druid Ridge is my friend, and the one I wanted to share here. It is a pastoral place, lined with mature trees which both accent and contrast the stone and chiseled marble. It is an easy place to be, and a gentle place to remain.

I have hundreds of photos – these do not begin to reveal the true spirit of the place, but they serve as an acceptable calling card. So, let me introduce you to one of the largest, but most peaceful graveyards I know of. Welcome to Druid Ridge, located in beautiful downtown Pikesville, Maryland.


4 responses to “Druid Ridge Cemetery

  1. These photos and the colors are amazing! It makes me really excited for fall (starts Wednesday for me, by the way) and makes me think about planning another trip to MY favorite cemetery!

  2. If any of you remember the story about the old man in the graveyard I’m Voices From Forever, the photo with the orange trees was the photo I was taking when he walked up the road and disappeared. So, you can see there was nowhere he could go.

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