All So Strange

Sometimes, it’s all so strange – I think this country is just looking for a fight. With itself! Aren’t we all a part of the same people? I don’t understand this desire to fight among ourselves with such vitriol – I thought the 1960s were bad, but this all seems new. It’s different. And it’s the same within the “paranormal.” Wherever I go, whoever I talk to, there’s a strong desire to set everyone straight on things – to separate the wrong ideas (and the infidels) from the truth. 

I can recall all sorts of examples for you… The guy who insists that the spirit box is the only way to legitimately communicate with the deceased, for example. Where did that one come from? He’s kidding, right? Or the young lady who told me that no investigation is legitimate without a resident medium. Really? Wow! Are there Republicans and Democrats in the room? Or the man who, without logging in a single minute of investigation time, declared that none of us are honest – we’re all liars.

Well okay then! I’m ready, let’s fight. Let’s tear each other apart and get to the bottom of this paranormal stuff. It’s gonna be my way, you know, or the highway. Yes, I said it, whaddya gonna do about it, huh? You wanna know the truth, ask me – all ghosts are Catholic, wood nymphs steal your shoes, and poltergeist love to chug chocolate syrup (they are demons, after all).

But why on earth do we care so much about who’s right? Especially when each and every one of us is fully aware that no one knows what’s right. Show me a paranormal dude, and I’ll show you a person in the dark without a clue. After all, that’s what he’s doing there in the first pace – looking for clues! Just because he doesn’t use an EMF meter doesn’t make him useless, does it? I don’t know how to put it because it’s just too strange, but I shouldn’t have to find a way to express it. It’s the paranormal, for crap’s sake, and nobody knows a damn thing. Certainly not me.

Ok. Well I’ve danced around this issue enough. I’m very much exhausted by the bickering, name-calling, and accusatory tones that have invaded the fold. Deep in my heart, I know it doesn’t matter what any one of us thinks is the true path to follow. If the field was different, there would be some foundational precepts we would all be expecting each other to build upon. You know, like cement is made of certain ingredients that bind – oatmeal binds, but it won’t hold two bricks together, so give up on that – move on. But the paranormal doesn’t have any provable basics like that, so nobody knows what is fact and what is illusion.

So, let’s stop already. We shouldn’t discourage the guy who wants to try something new – especially if it sounds contrary to everything we believe. Genius is often found within crazy, deviant notions – just ask any physicist. There’s no reason to ridicule old school people, new school enthusiasts, believers, non-believers, or just plain whackos. We need to at least listen. We owe it to ourselves to look for the truth first, and if there isn’t a shred of it anywhere to be found; if we’re absolutely certain there’s zero substance, only then should we walk away – politely. We have to fight this need to call people names or question their parentage; resist the urge to show everyone else how ignorant we can be. There is nothing to be gained by being better than others, unless lonely and stupid is a price you’re willing to pay. Superiority is a good goal, but it is found by looking inside ourselves, not by seeking what is inside of others.

Sometimes I think the biggest obstacle we face in the paranormal comes from giving credence to the prejudice of others. I have always had success with EVP, and I have very specific methods I follow. They work well too, and I have never been shy about telling anyone who will listen. But I am not alone, and I suspect there are countless others who practice different methods and achieve similar results. It’s up to each of us to do what we can with what we know – to look inside ourselves and find the best, most complete way to contribute to the collective, and leave the discouraging word to the skeptic. 


2 responses to “All So Strange

  1. Absolutely! most of my activity happens during the day, so who say’s the rule is you investigate at night. evp’s?, shadow figures? vortexes, portals? ( although by my pictures and the “said” definition I think I have one), I know nothing about the paranormal and even though I have always been interested in it its taken 49 years for something like this to occur in my life!!

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