Landon House

I recently had the privilege of joining a paranormal investigation of the Frederick, Maryland landmark known as Landon House. It is also sometimes referred to as Landon Mansion, and from the photos below, I think the moniker applies. I won’t offer a history of the place because I don’t know it, but I will say that it has a Civil War past and was apparently a Confederate Headquarters at some point during the war.  It is also worth noting that the building is still in use for special occasions.

The location has reportedly been active for a number of years and is a staple within the local paranormal community, so it was exciting to be able to participate. I haven’t finished analyzing my own personal evidence yet, so I can’t fairly offer an opinion on the paranormal pedigree of the place, but what I am definitely able to say that it’s a stunning place to investigate. The building and grounds are perfect because it looks and feels haunted, frankly. There’s the right visuals and overall ambience, it has a number of fascinating rooms and spaces, carries sound throughout the house in an eerie manner, and mixes the right amount of normal and mysterious throughout the property. The Landon House just looks active.

I’m sure in the future, I will be talking about whatever evidence I may or may not have accumulated, but for now, I wanted to share a little of the surface dignity. Forgive my self-indulgence at making these photos black and white. It is, after all, a colorful and beautiful setting, but I think this point of view is more appropriate. I hope these few outdoor photos will give you a sense of things as I “saw” them.

Thanks to Inspired Ghost Tracking of Jessup, Maryland for inviting me to participate.


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