Real Paranormal Experience

I would guess that most people don’t have a single clue about what a real paranormal experience is about. Things happen all around us that quite possibly have their origin in the unknown, but we rarely notice. Mediums tell us to keep our eyes open and observe everything, but we never really do, even though “we’re the most observant person we know.” We seem to be pre-conditioned for dealing with the absurd, not the real. That, of course, can be traced to Hollywood, where even quality films about actual paranormal events don’t get anywhere near reality. I don’t fault them for that – their purpose is not to educate us, or to offer honest representations – their purpose is to entertain, and hopefully to make money.

Still, Hollywood points the way. We are convinced that we’re prepared for those fantastic, yet pseudo-evil entities of fiction. Or so we think, but the truth is, if a ten-foot, swirling blue mass of smoke and evil, red-eyed devil ever set foot in our dining room, we’d probably soil our armor and run head first into a wall. Luckily, the real thing doesn’t have that kind of a dramatic presence behind it.

Most real paranormal experiences emerge from boredom – utter and complete monotony, followed by the reliving of it all yet again through video and audio analysis. Nothing better than watching grass grow unless it’s reviewing the video – all in real time, of course. A real paranormal experience often goes unnoticed due to the limitations of our senses. We just don’t see or hear them very well unless we’re looking, and even then, much of the unknown isn’t sensory. So it’s usually during that boring analysis phase that we’re able to finally notice. An EVP, something in the UV area of full spectrum; an unnatural static appearing on camera #3 upstairs…

I’m always taken aback when someone hears a particularly convincing EVP and seems a little disappointed. Maybe it doesn’t sink in that the voice they’re hearing is actually emanating from a genuine spirit; is actually somehow spoken and delivered by a supposed non-living entity. But there it is – loud as a ringtone in church – breaking through the silence of a comfortable life, ready to change you – right before your very consciousness. There is an eternity between heartbeats sometimes – long enough to change the way you feel about coincidence and Hollywood bologna; long enough to accept reality – even if it comes from the voice of an anonymous, forgotten soul.

One thing is certain – a real paranormal experience is unique. It lacks the pomp and circumstance of other life-altering events; doesn’t come with a manual or instructions – you have no idea what to do with it or how to handle it. There’s no blowing of the horn right before you’re hit; no unspectacular pop before the bullet tears your flesh; no whoosh of water and wind as the ceiling falls down around you. A real paranormal experience comes quietly – usually without any fanfare or advance warning at all; usually without apparent purpose, or sense of reason. But for those brief seconds after, nothing looks the same or feels even remotely familiar. Everything you see is slightly different; every sound is heightened and suddenly significant; reaction to your environment is through the eyes of a stranger.

It passes quickly, but a real paranormal experience alters you forever as it slowly meanders through your consciousness and reminds you of your mortality. It’s not so bad to discover that life is not the completely comfortable place you always thought it would be, because suddenly it is bigger. And it’s not without advantage to know you are privy to a massive universal secret – such is the benefit for being at the right place, right time. By some stroke of incredible, magnificent luck, you have been shown the answer to a question as old as perpetuity.

And there’s no real fear involved – not usually. There are no perceivable moments of peril, no creatures devoted to your destruction, no evil oozing from the sheetrock or spiritual pestilence eating away at the foundation… No destruction of your soul; not even the slightest diminishment of essence. You are who you always were, but now you are salient; now you understand what you never considered worthy before.

Never again do you look indiscriminately at your surroundings expecting big things to happen. You look for subtle clues instead, listen for whispered voices, and eventually, you open up to who you are.  Somehow, you begin to realize that within you, the strength to comprehend the impossible has become inevitable, because a real paranormal experience is just a normal pillar of life. It is, however, a matter for the soul. Whatever that is.


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