Linger Long

I think there comes a time when you have to use this kind of a venue to get things off your chest. That’s what I do, and if I’ve got it all wrong, then I guess I owe some apologies. But sometimes, you just have to say things out loud – in front of others, so it counts for something. This time, it’s all good stuff, so no need to click the back button just yet.

I’ve been blessed to work with some really good investigators. As some of you may know, I am a member of Perry Hall Paranormal Research Society – PHPRS. We are hardly the biggest, baddest team of paranormal ass-kickers in the business, but we are good. I’ve seen more than a few investigators I would gladly beat with a stick, but frankly, I wouldn’t trade a single team member of mine for even the best of those I’ve seen. We’re calm, methodical, proficient, reliable, and while no one is ever perfect, I would trust my life with these guys in a heartbeat. We work with a couple of other individuals from time to time who fit right in with the program, so it’s always a win/win situation for me.

That’s pretty stereotypical stuff to say, I suppose – there are probably a lot of investigators out there who would say the same thing about their own experiences. But PHPRS seems unique to me, and I count my blessings whenever we have the chance to work together. It’s not just because I like these people, but because I can count on them – from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter whether we’re setting up equipment or analyzing evidence, there is a professional attitude that surrounds every part of the journey.

This past Friday, I was fortunate enough to attend a meeting of Inspired Ghost Tracking in Jessup, Maryland. Rosemary Ellen Guiley was the guest speaker. Not too shabby, eh? IGT always seems to have interesting guests, and I am excluding myself from that list (I’ve spoken there twice). I’m not able to attend as frequently as I would like, but I know the itinerary is first rate, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley did not disappoint.

The lecture was focused on the Djinn. Typically, Rosemary was easy to understand, informative, controversial, and perhaps most importantly, she was able to help us relate everything to our experiences in the field. I knew a little something about the Djinn before I arrived, but it turns out most of it was wrong. Ms. Guiley set the record straight and I was able to apply her teachings almost immediately to my own experiences. I was even compelled to re-analyze some of my previous evidence with the Djinn in mind. It isn’t usual for a speaker to touch you where you live that succinctly, but then it is Rosemary Ellen Guiley we’re talking about, so I knew it would be a great experience going in. Suffice it to say, it was memorable.

Speaking of memorable. Margaret Ehrlich Perry is the head honcho at IGT, and Margaret doesn’t do anything half-way. Besides boasting an extremely robust speaking agenda, there are group investigations and outings scheduled constantly, including a great many nationally known locations. There is a steady flow of different ideas constantly under discussion within the group, which is always a healthy way to approach the paranormal. And if knowledge is as important as experience, Inspired Ghost Tracking has it all.  I recommend IGT – it just may be one of the best paranormal meet-up groups anywhere in the country, which makes those of us who live nearby, the lucky recipients.

I’m sure I didn’t do any of these subjects much justice. Certainly the people involved deserve better, but sometimes it’s not as easy to say nice things as adequately as we want. Regardless, I consider my life to have been enriched by the people I’ve met in the paranormal field. My team members and the folks at IGT top the list for me. Unfortunately, there are always fools in the field – we’ve all met them, and fortunately, they will quickly fade from memory. But the good folks will always linger long.

PHPRS can be found online at Inspired Ghost Tracking at, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s website is Check out their sites. In one way or another, they each represent the best of us.

2 responses to “Linger Long

  1. PHPRS should feel honored to have a considerate and professional person such as yourself on their team. It sounds like you guys really have your sh#t together. It does my heart good to see this level of trust within a team. I’ve been all over Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s site but I will definitely check out PHPRS and IGT if I ever get some time to myself. Right now I’m so busy with outside work that I haven’t even been able to write for my blog like I want.

  2. Thanks Diane. PHPRS is a good team. I’ve been asked to join a couple of others but I wouldn’t dare. It’s my home, so to speak, and for me it’s the only place to be. I feel blessed by it.

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