Just Listen

I’m pretty certain that there are spirits all around us all the time, so I want to hear them speak if I can. I want to record them. Dare I repeat myself – if it’s possible to hear them speak, I want to do that! I want to know as much as I can about just how to accomplish that. I think about methods, and the why and wherefore of how this whole thing works, but I’m just more interested in hearing them – in communicating; in finding out what they have to say. I don’t want to lecture them or pontificate to them. I don’t want to fill them in on the state of race relations, or the misuse of advertising aimed at children… I’ll be quiet – I promise. Go ahead, I’m listening. And if I can hear them better by standing on my head and passing wind to God Save The Queen, then I’ll do it.

For some people, it’s very important to know how spirits are able to make themselves heard. And it was for me too once upon a time. That’s natural, because it’s all a part of believing. My subconscious used to think that if I could figure out how they do it, it would be proof that they were real. But one day I sort of woke up and realized that it didn’t matter. It became simple for me. I hear them, I’m not crazy – they’re real.

Look, I’m not a scientist – obviously. I definitely know that. Either I’m not smart enough or I’m not put together in quite the right way. But then people on this plane will probably never put forth the kind of scientific effort required to find out how the paranormal actually happens. Without that hard scientific proof, the difficult facts will never come to light. So what’s the point then? Why do this? Randy, if you’re not interested in – oh, lets say – running a million volts through a brick wall to see if it liberates centuries old residual EVP, then what the heck are you doing involved with the paranormal at all?

What’s the point? I’m involved in this because they are talking, and I don’t know about you, but I hate being ignored! I suspect it’s the same with them. I respect all my fellow EVP researchers out there who need to prove something definitive. But I’d rather spend my time listening or talking back, no matter how silly I sound. I just have to hear what it is they have to say because it’s better to learn about them, from them. And perhaps, in a display of complete and utter arrogance – I think they like me.

Sometimes they’re all ticked off and stuff, but they still speak to me. I don’t think it’s an accident. I think they know I believe in them, and I think they know I like them. I’m certainly open, and I value their thoughts. I am myself and they are themselves around me. They are safe to be whatever they are. I don’t wanna get in their business and tell them what to do. I don’t wanna send them to any light, or help them cross over. I don’t wanna preach at them or try to make them deal with what they did when they were in body. I’m not there to be their best friend, their mother, their confessor or their jailer.

I am there to listen and I almost always say thank you and goodbye. Because I appreciate it! I’m Mrs. Keller’s polite little boy. I allow them their dignity and I pay them their respect. And they let me hear them. A lot. I’m pretty sure they know that I believe they are still alive and I think they realize that in my eyes, they are equals, and every bit as important as I am. They are who they always were, and I wouldn’t change a thing about them. And I do record them frequently. And I am eternally grateful for it. More, please!

You know, in time, I believe we all eventually reach the point where we understand the value in just listening. That’s what I’m doing – that’s the point of it all and why I still do this after all this time. That’s what floats my boat. I just listen.


3 responses to “Just Listen

  1. There is a lot to be said for the subjective approach to spirit voices. Rather than distance oneself in the objective mode from the other, a relationship Martin Buber called I-It , the subjective approach meets the other in a relationship of equality, empathy, and identity, a position Buber called I-Thou.

    Both approaches are needed if human consciousness is to transcend its current ignorance of other modes of being.

  2. I admire your patience and empathy with and for the human spirit…alive or dead. You teach a lesson here I would love to see a bunch of ‘paranormal investigators’ learn and apply to their own research. That’s why they like ya, Randy…you truly do listen to them with respect. That is what all of us, in our different forms of spirit, really want..respect. Great post! 🙂

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