Other Methods

Before you check out the video below, this post is in correlation with episode #35 of The Voices Podcast, which is entitled “Other Methods.” The video below shows the actual video clips responsible for the EVP discussed in the episode.

I realize it’s not exactly breaking news that EVP can make themselves available on video cameras and other devices, but this often doesn’t receive the amount of attention it deserves. Since the speaking spirits seem to decide where and when we hear them, it’s only logical that the video camera’s built-in recorder could be even more productive than a digital voice recorder. I spend as much effort “listening” to video as I do any other device. Sometimes, watching the video can be mesmerizing and lull one to sleep – especially if it’s a static shot and nothing – literally nothing – is going on. That’s too bad, since EVP on video ought to prove that there’s always something going on.

It’s a good idea to provide spirits as many avenues for communication as we can, but the best reason for using a video camera is that it will show us exactly what’s going on at the time the spirit speaks. We can usually view an entire room, and can easily determine who is present and who isn’t. It helps us identify recurring sounds that may not be identifiable on a voice recorder, but make perfect sense when seen on video. In addition, certain types of movement are not always easily associated with natural causes until you are able to record repeating sequences.  A static video camera recording from a single position throughout an investigation, recording both picture and sound, can reveal naturally recurring things quite convincingly.

All paranormal people probably know this, but it’s a good idea to remember to use every piece of our equipment as completely as possible. We may think of our handheld cameras primarily as a video tool, but in many ways, it’s the best possible voice recorder in our arsenal. Olympus makes a fantastic recorder that also provides quality video at the same time through a small, on-board camera. The one thing missing from the standard handheld video camera could arguably be the lack of high quality sound. Olympus may have solved this issue, and so far, the reviews are rather glowing. This may be my next recorder – not so I can replace my handheld camera, but as a way to aid in the verification of EVP.  Being able to show what is happening at the time of an EVP is a great tool to have available to us. It makes our job just a little easier, increases our credibility, and provides more avenues by which to be successful.


9 responses to “Other Methods

  1. One of my very first EVPs from one our very first investigations was before we had invested in any night vision cameras. I hadn’t learned the “if you don’t have night vision, leave the lights on” lesson yet. It wasn’t completely dark in the room, but there wasn’t enough light to pick anything up in our camcorder. Unfortunately, our EVP was captured through the camcorder in complete darkness! UGH! 🙂

    • I’ve got a few of those myself, but at least it worked for us. I have always had this fantasy that the spirit was actually doing a dance right there in front of the camera because he knew he couldn’t be seen. Or sticking out his tongue… Or worse!

  2. Reminds me of a location I investigated for several months and was usually very active and we always had many EVP on several different recording devices including camcorders and occasional pictures and video. On my last investigation the first thing that happened was a hanging tag on one of our equipment bags flipped up in front of three witnesses…before we had any cameras set up. We were of course excited and figured on an active night. It was not to be as nothing happened for the rest of the night until the last couple minutes before I took down my JVC camcorder. A loud angry sounding EVP “Get out…mother%#!”. It sounded like it was right on top of that camera and where I was standing. Perhaps he saved up his energy for that one? I don’t know, but it was the clearest EVP I ever recorded on a camcorder.

      • Yeah, I would have loved to get that sweet little piece of video evidence to go with the rest and what if, just what if there had been an EVP to comment on the tag? I’ll never know that but I do know the JVC picked up more EVP than my Sony ever did.

    • It’s those times you’re thankful you didn’t know about that EVP while you were there, right? 🙂 That’s all I’d need to say “Peace Ouuuuut!”

      • Not the nicest thing to hear for sure but I would have liked to hear that voice out loud and I would have had to ask him why I should get out and why be so belligerent about it all. Ranks right up there with the creepiest one I ever captured.

      • I once heard a rather hearty “f%$# you” while I was listening with headphones. I remember it very clearly – I said “excuse me?” I got all indignant, although it was fake. I asked him if he talked to his mother that way, and I heard nothing at the time. But when I went back to listen later, I had a weak C-class voice waaaaay down there – hard to hear, that said “yes.” Yes, meaning he did talk to his mother that way. They’re so funny sometimes.

      • Got a couple of those at this same location…this spirit seemed very unhappy. The girl child spirit in this place seemed to be friendly and happy (I know happy sounds odd here but she really did) and her EVP were crystal clear. I’ve also heard some EVP that cracked me up, lol.

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