I was there when a good friend of mine got his first EVP. He had been a meaningful contributor in the field for years, and not a single voice had ever graced his research. It’s actually a tribute to his integrity, because instead of denying the results of others, he chose to continue – ever faithful, diligent, and hopeful. And I remember the call when he heard that spirit voice for the first time – from the other end of the wire came a hearty, exuberant “I got one! I got an EVP.”

It took me a few extra seconds before the significance of this registered. EVP are something I have always been fortunate enough to capture frequently. My first session provided results, as has 95 percent of every session since. I’ve never known the kind of famine he experienced. I sometimes wonder with amazement what kept him going all those years. Video and photo evidence come rarely, and is always forced to suffer a great deal of critiquing from “the world.” It is EVP that serves as the foundation – the pillar of our evidence. It has been my experience that most investigations yield nothing substantive other than EVP. But my committed friend continued his research without a single, credible voice.

Since that glorious day, he has continued to record EVP with regularity at every investigation. Good, quality voices, whose pedigrees have been impeccable – meaningful, interactive, and teachable. But it does make you wonder what could have made the difference. It was as if the water was slowly filling up the reservoir until one day, it just started spilling over…

I have always believed that success with EVP depends on attitude – the way we approach them, the things we say, and the amount of respect we’re willing to bring to the table. Other things too – it’s complicated, I think, but my friend has always come correct. He always handled himself properly. He did everything right; behaved in ways that I believe should have helped rather than hinder. He was a great investigator when I met him, and still is the person I most trust in the field. If I were one day to face a red-eyed demon coming at me, glaring down with fiery breath showing six inch fangs, calling my name and promising to possess me dry, I would rather have him beside me than anyone else I’ve ever met. He’s the man, as far as I am concerned, and obviously, the best investigator I’ve ever known.

And for all those years, he couldn’t manage a single EVP. I don’t know what caused his drought all those years. I believe spirits make a conscious choice when they allow themselves to be exposed, and recorded. Not always – nothing is ever 100%, you know – but most of the time, I believe the spirits decide what we hear, and who will hear it.  I believe they prefer it when we are open and honest and make no pretentions. I believe they enjoy authenticity in a person and reveal themselves to those who want to hear, who will not judge them; someone who will appreciate their offering for what it is.

In all those years, my friend sought the truth. Not results. He never once manufactured evidence or manipulated the facts. He freely and openly made his way through investigation after investigation – attempting to bring a creative approach to each outing, and painstakingly analyzing every foot of video, every inch of each recording to the best of his ability. The lack of EVP was significant in itself, and he reported his results without apology or excuse. He certainly paid his dues, I think. He earned his stripes. He gave his all to every effort, and walked away secure in the truth he presented – no matter what the result.

Somehow, his integrity and reputation for unquestionable objectivity, has also paved the way for other evidence – video and still photos to accompany his new found spirit voices – each indemnified by his ability to handle the lack thereof all those early years. His trustworthiness has not escaped the spirit world – his desire for the truth has paid off in spades.

EVP are not within our control. They control their own destiny and speak their mind only when they choose. And they do not do so lightly; they speak when they know we will listen, and listen properly. If anything, we are the pawns in this game of chess. It is never really our move. We go from square to square where they lead us, and make each calculated decision based entirely on their presence – never our own. It is always their way, and we follow. They are in charge of this evidence stuff. And if upon occasion, we manage to sneak a peek when they’re not aware, all’s fair in love and paranormal.

But if you ask my friend about EVP, he knows it’s a crap shoot – that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But win or lose, he will always be in search of truth – never results. And he will always achieve a high level of excellence because of that.


6 responses to “Truth

  1. Seriously, this is what I needed today. I haven’t been able to record a voice in a long time. I try to not feel like a failure, for I’ve gotten voices before. But I have also tried for days and weeks in between and gotten nothing. And now it is a perfect time to record… you’ll hear back from me if I “get one!” 🙂

  2. I admire your friend’s persistence and integrity in his pursuit of the paranormal. You don’t hear nearly enough about the honest, faithful investigator as much as you do about the ones who disgrace the field. I’m so glad you showed us this profile of how a great paranormal investigator operates.

    • Yeah, he is a great investigator. With a fair amount of humility as well, so I’m sure he wouldn’t think of himself as highly as I do. But that just makes him all the better. I learned a lot from him, and just when I think I’ve caught up to him in skills, he proves me wrong, and that keeps reminding me of how much more there always is to learn.

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